Saturday, 19 February 2011

Gems of the Week

Precious, Priceless, Pockets of Happiness during my week.

This week has passed in a little bit of a haze. I think I slept most of the week away and this so isn't like me!

Chronic tiredness combined with nausea/lack of appetite (only chocolate biscuits could revive me), dizziness, headaches and gentle prompting from my mum and mum-in-law caused me to trot off to the doctor yesterday to get my iron levels checked.

Well, started the process anyway... blood tests are next week and then results are another week after that, so maybe by the time baby is born I will find out whether I am anaemic or not...!

But in the meantime I am dosing up with all things naturally full of iron and good ol' Omega 3.
Choked back sardines on toast and have stocked up on spinach, nuts and dried fruits which aren't bad at all.

And so feeling like I got a bit of my mojo back yesterday we headed to the playground after the doctor appointment and I once again picked up the camera to capture some precious moments with my boys.


:: It's been so very cold here that trips to the playground have not been an appealing idea at all. But the big thaw has already begun and temperatures are starting to rise *HOORAY!* 
We are all looking forward to many more warmer days spent running around outside {instead of jumping on the beds and furniture inside}. 
Upon our return home from the park we all had a two and a half hour nap. Oh what a GEM!

:: Spring is on it's way! The signs are everywhere with new leaves starting to emerge from their buds, daffodil shoots are beoming more bold and numerous and there's lots of these dear little croqueses {is that what they're called?} brightening up London with their vibrant colours under the shelter of trees.
Makes one want to do a hop, skip and a jump for joy!

:: Luca came home from school on Monday with a super-special Valentines heart for me. Awwwwww. That little guy is pretty darn cute.
*Please note that the pig is a fridge magnet and is NOT part of the valentines card...although that would have been quite hilarious!

:: Luca wants to help with everything I do which is very sweet but {honestly}can be a little annoying.  
Just let it go Brigitte!
Children definitely teach me how to not be so anal about things. And I guess that's got to be a good thing? {I'm sure my husband/sisters/friends/parents are nodding in aggreement here}.
While folding the washing yesterday Luca decided he wanted to help.
Okay so this is one thing I'm pretty anal about - folding clothes properly. And of course a 3 year old isn't going to be folding clothes properly or even neatly for that matter. So I decided to enjoy the moment and let him go nuts with it. In the process I was instructed by my 3 year old how to fold the washing and was given a running commentary of the process eg. "I folding my pidwamies now!"
And then disaster struck.
The piles of 'folded' washing started to topple over which caused a certain 3 year old to get angry at them and therefore throw all the 'folded' washing on the ground. To teach it a lesson I guess.
 And then the remorse kicked in and he had a little 'think' about what he had done.
And so Mamma was left to deal with the carnage. That's okay though cos I got to fold the washing in the end the way I like it to be folded. Not being anal or anything...

:: Upon Papa's return from work last night he was greeted at the door by a pirate. Pirate Luca that is.
{Beni "A-HARR"-ing like a pirate}
Shortly before Papa came home Luca came up to me with one eye closed and started doing his best pirate "A-HARR!" so I suggested we make a patch for his eye so he could be a real pirate.
I can't remember what it was but Luca did something that I thanked him for and I said "Thank you Pirate Luca!"
"You're welcome! A-HARRR!!" came the gruff response.
Watch out Hollywood, this one's a bit of an actor.

:: One of the highlights at the end of each day is bathtime with Papa when he cycles home from work. Two boys in the bath with their Papa is quite a sight to behold. Always plenty of giggles, splashing and bubble throwing.

Happy Weekend everyone! X


  1. Those first signs of spring are just my most favourite things in the season changes!
    Love your gem list here - that pirate is very cute! Hope the tiredness and nausea don't hang around much longer!

  2. I totally hear you on the toddlers-and-washing thing! One of my pet peeves. I too try and let it go, but it's easier said than done when your nicely folded piles of washing end up in crumpled heaps on the floor. :) Bless them for wanting to help though! Your pirate is adorable! xo

  3. Cute pirate and love your valentines heart. Argh...helping kids, so not to be discouraged but does require some patience (and a sneaky re-do when they are not looking). Glad you are feeling better xx
    ps. there is an award for you on my blog


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