Wednesday, 30 March 2011

In preparation

In preparation for summer I got the boys some new sunglasses. £1 each. It would've been rude not to...
There was much excitement and coolness oozed as they tried out their new fashion accessory for Summer 2011.

Rock on my son.


In preparation for giving birth in 2 months I have been wanting to do some 'personal maintenance' of the waxing variety.

This is something I used to religiously do every 4 weeks - when I used to be able to afford the luxury of booking myself in for a waxing session.
But not anymore.
Ever since we have gone down to one income - which was around the time I became pregnant with numero tre - it has been DIY maintenance in the nether regions. The result is never quite the same. And then the baby bump gets in the way blah blah blah. Awkward. And very very painful during pregnancy. Makes my toes curl just thinking about it.
But as my Italian waxing lady would remind me, "During-a labour you will-a be in-a morra pain-a".
God bless her for she speaks the truth!

And so on Monday I attempted it once more, buying a waxing kit that promised all sorts of smooth and hair-free happiness. I believed this was it - the DIY wax I have been looking for all this time. The One that would save our household £30 every 4 weeks.

Although it started off promisingly enough I ended up in a very "sticky situation" where I could not actually pull the wax off.
Starting to panic as I envisaged having to get Austin to come and help or worse still having to call for an ambulance, and knowing that the grocery delivery was due any minute I applied lots of baby oil {which seemed to work, although very slowly} and then took a hot shower and managed to emerge relatively wax-free {and in time for the grocery delivery}.
Although I can't say the same for our bathroom floor and bathtub from which I will be scraping off the "...sensual mango and peach scented wax" for many more days yet.

Upon emerging from the bathroom I informed my husband that "Next time I am just going to PAY THE £30!!"
To which he replied, "It didn't go well then?"
Mutter mutter grumble grumble MEN! grumble mutter HAVE NO IDEA! mutter grumble...

And so, friends, the moral of the story: NEVER sacrifice your bikini wax appointments when trying to save money thinking you can easily do it yourself. The fact is you can't. Just pay the £30 ok?

Good. Just needed to 'off-load'. Thanks for listening.


  1. hi, just stopping by from Simoney's place and wanted to say love your blog design, header and style! Very cool! Had to laugh at your story. I've never gone for waxing myself cos I can't stand the pain but your story has put me off even more!:)

  2. Haha Brigitte! Classic! :P

  3. OUCH!! I agree, just pay the 30 pounds I say, especially when you're pregnant and can't even see what you're doing. What if you had waxed everything together?! Bad situation.

    Love the sunglasses pics by the way, cool dudes.

  4. Love love love your story-telling. long live the waxers! never tried to do it myself but boy i'll keep paying now that i hear your story. got my eyebrows threaded today and that is an interesting feeling compared to the wax! love to you brave lady, xx

  5. haha! have done home waxing myself once or twice but really not a good experience! And soooo painful when I was preggers- what's that about?
    Oh and nice sunnies!!!


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