Saturday, 12 March 2011

So Much Joy To Be Found In The Groceries!

I love shopping online.

Unfortunately the only shopping I'm allowed to do online is grocery shopping.
Which is still rather exciting, especially when you consider the time saved in the process; i.e. driving to the supermarket, walking up and down the aisles, queuing for the check-out, packing groceries into the car, unpacking groceries from the car.
All we have to do is enter a quick list online, select the PAY button, book a delivery slot and then be at home when they are delivered.

Even putting the groceries away is no longer a chore as we have a very excited 3 year old who almost pees his pants whenever the man arrives with our groceries and loves nothing more than unpacking the bags, excitedly exclaiming over each item.

"Oh yook! Fyour!" (translation: Oh look! Flour!)
"Yook! Eggs!" (runs out to the lounge carrying the eggs) "Eggs come from kickens!"

"Breakfast Mamma! I YOVE breakfast!"
{as you can see he's having a little trouble pronouncing his "L's" - it's a shame his name starts with an 'L'......}

"Yook Mamma PINEAPPLE! I YOVE pineapple!"
"And YOOK!......" (isn't quite sure what it is)
"It's a bag of mushrooms" I explain
"Oooo MUSHROOMS! Good. I yike mushrooms!...."

Yep. If only you did son.

And so, for the happiness of my first-born I will continue to shop online.
God Bless you Modern Technology.


  1. What a nice happy post to see when I'm up so ridiculously early and can't get back to sleep. After an hour of lying there awake I've given up. Wow look at your coffee machine! Awesome :o)

  2. I mostly do my groceries shopping online, it's brilliant when you've got little ones isn't it. I even tell my hubby i'm off to do the groceries and go sit on the bed with my laptop while he sorts out the kids tee hee :)

  3. Luca is so sweet :) WOW! I want online grocery shopping!!! I have a little one and I would LOVE this 'luxury'... I need to move to London. xx

  4. Love online shopping, also settle for just grocery shopping though (much more exciting shopping for clothes and gadgets etc).
    My 2 year old is "allergic" to supermarkets - they make him scream and throw tantrums and turn me into a mad woman!! Give me a cup of coffee and 10 minutes in front of the computer - such a better option. And i love how you actually have the energy to put the groceries away when they are delivered to your door (sometimes even get some free samples of yummy things!!).

  5. I love that your coffee machine takes up more than half your bench space! That's some good priorities! :-)


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