Sunday, 20 March 2011

Sunday Fun-Day

Before I tell you about our Sunday Fun-Day today I just need to explain a few things to you about our day on Friday...

Namely this little red nose inflicted by a carpet burn - funnily (?) enough it was Red Nose Day in the UK on Friday...

And this little burnt hand which was caused by a certain Mamma forgetting she left her hair straighteners on and lying on the ground which unfortunately came in contact with a dear little pudgey hand which resulted in a visit to A&E and a certain Mamma feeling like she is the WORST Mamma ever!...

Anyway, that will explain the bandaged hand of one child and the wound on the nose of the other child in the following photos, okay?

So anyway, although our Friday was a bit of a dumb day, the rest of our weekend has been super-duper!

A day at Richmond Park with great friends on Saturday (which I will write about for tomorrow's post) and then church this morning followed by a family picnic. Love it.

Yesterday was such a beautiful sunny day that I think I got a little over-excited when dressing the boys this morning and put them both in shorts, only for Luca to tell me, while waiting for the bus this morning, "Mamma I'm freezing!"...

But no time to change unfortunately and so their day was spent in shorts. But they were working those shorts baby!

{did you see the baby bump? It's getting quite pleasantly large and round. Like I've stuffed a basketball under my top...}

The boys were shaking their sticks at the water fountains for a good couple of hours. The simple pleasures of life huh?

Austin had made some ciabatta last night so we brought the loaf with us this morning and got some ham, cheese and tomatos to have with it. Such a lovely way to spend the afternoon in London Town before once again boarding the London tube and buses to take us home. Home for late afternoon sleeps. Nice.

I hope your Sunday was a Fun-Day also! X


  1. It looks like you had such a great day!! I remember our two girls both having face wounds at the same time... I got a few strange looks!

  2. Uh... you're not the worst mama, I've done it too (just lucky we didn't have to go to A&E I guess).

    And your belly is looking lovely.

  3. YAY! It was such a fun day! I loved Beni's full body interpretations of the water going 'splish splish splish splish' - my dear expressive little lumberlack. He was totally mesmerised by the water '... ooooWOOOOOOOOooooo!' And Luca rocks the red nose look (I still think you should draw whiskers on him to complete the puppy dog look that he has going on)

    Love you xxx

  4. Love the almost non-existent gap between Beni's shorts and his wee shoes xxx

  5. You are FAR from the worst mama in the world! :) Looks like a wonderful day and those kiddos of yours are OH so cute!

  6. That belly is too cute!

    The red nose is too cute!

    Not the world's worst mamma at all! Just things happen huh!?


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