Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Sunshine & Friends - a perfect blend!

We have been having gloriously sunny {nearly warm} days recently.
(fancy starting out a post talking about the weather?! Sorry...)
But it's true, and - let's admit it - sunshine makes us HAPPY!!

Saturday was a stunning day with clear blue skies and plenty of that good ole sunshine!
Conveniently enough our church had a sponsored run on Saturday morning which my husband had signed up for. So we trotted along to Richmond Park (our local stomping ground so this was very convenient for us) for the big event.

My amazing husband ran the 10km route and came 1st (if you didn't count the 14 year old boy who came out of nowhere, did no training and BLITZED everyone by 5 minutes...)

So yeah he "Won".
Tho pwoud I am of my thuper thexy huthband.

Love this guy. A lot.
Love these little "Mini-Austin's" also. Very much so.

Speaking of AMORE, it is a delight watching these two interact with each other. They are the best of friends and get on so very very well (even though she's 11 months younger than Luca). It's pretty gosh darn cool.
Their marriage contract has already been signed and sealed between the parents - lucky for them they get on so well!...
{Uh oh, looks like she's playing hard-to-get. Good girl! Make him WORK for your affections!!}

So a lovely morning was spent in the park in the sunshine - the children playing in ditches piled high with leaves while we waited for the runners to finish their race.
We decided a visit to Petersham Nurseries Cafe for lunch was on the cards where our very special Canadian friends treated us to lunch.
We ate and chatted and drank coffee while the sun shone down on us through the glass roof.
The two littlies slept while the other two children sat at a table of their own and talked about stuff that 2/3 year olds talk about...?

Then it was off for a walk down by the river.
A fiery encounter with stinging-nettle  
{it probably wasn't even a dock-leaf that was rubbed on the sting but Luca seemed to think it worked... phew!}
and an impromptu photoshoot
 {I totally L.O.V.E the leopard-print tracksuit! I guess when you're 7 months old is the only time you can ever/should ever pull an outfit like this off. She's working it.}

before heading home for much-needed baths and naps (children and parents alike).

LOVE these kinds of days where you have no firm plans for the day, just take it as it comes. These are my favourites.

Expecially when they are spent with good friends and the sunshine.


  1. Sounds like a great day! I love English cafe's! My sister lives in England and when I go to visit, she always takes me to a new one:) Loving the pictures of the betrothed too!

  2. Haha..totally understand the two little bestie friends, destined for future marriage. Paisley Jade and I will probably be inlaws...my son and her daughter are little besties. Love the pics of the country side


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