Friday, 8 April 2011

Gems of the Week

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During the day I had been thinking about how I would usually be doing a 'Gems of the Week' post this evening and joining in with the 'Things I'm Loving' linky-party. Unfortunately the time that I was pondering this was also around the time when I was, once again, dealing with public tantrums and a time-out battle.

Funny {not really} how a bad 10-15 minutes during the day can really bring the dark storm clouds in which will do their best to ruin the day.

But I am pleased to say I didn't let the rainclouds settle over my day. I deliberately chose to start snapping away at things that I have been loving about this day and this week.

Funny {and it is} how once I started looking for all the great moments/things to capture it was hard to know where to stop!

So friends, allow me to inform you of the splashes of goodness found in my day and throughout the week.


Firstly, let's start with the weather - here's the forecast for the weekend {according to iPhone}. Lovely!
Note how it was still 21 degrees at 6pm. Liking this a lot!

Loving my little guys in singlets/vests. Not only do they look incredibly cute but it also means SUMMER IS HERE!! I hadn't realised just how much I have missed the warmth of the sun on the body, being able to open all the doors and windows and let the warm fresh air fill our home.

LOVED the early-home-from-work surprise from my husband this evening! It didn't take long for the boys to join their papa on the balcony with their sunglasses on and shirts off.

I've been struggling with inspiration of what to make in advance for bambino numero tre. The only bummer about not knowing the sex is that it's hard to make/buy clothes etc.
I don't know why it took me so long to come round to it but yesterday the penny dropped and of course I would crochet a blanket for bubba which will be perfect for summer days and winter layers when sleeping.
I'm pretty certain that, be it a girl or boy, that it will be happy with the colour selection.

Luca and I tried a new recipe from one of my most favourite cookbooks  called "Nainoma Bars".
Oh. My. Word.
FABULOUS is what they are. Cut into bite-sized pieces they are very delectable.

I loved watching our television-deprived children watch a couple of episodes of Pingu on papa's computer this evening. Hooked up to the larger monitor they were transfixed.

I am pleased I didn't let the storm clouds roll in and ruin my day. Otherwise I could have missed out on these precious moments. 
And that would have been really dumb.


  1. Dumb indeed. Interesting how purposefully refocusing to positive thoughts, whilst very hard work at times, can actually help to change your mood.
    Love the sunglasses and wee bodies in singlets xx!

  2. I love coming to your place :)
    Your wisdom, your gorgeous photos, your delicious food.... your skillful crocheting.
    I love it too when the man comes home early! (sigh, it definitely only ever a treat! not too often, but when it happens, fabulous!)

  3. Love your photos and family - isn't it amazing how everything can change when we choose to look for the rays of sunlight when it's stormy all around us ;)

    Loving that slice and your blanket!!!

  4. I love making that exact same bar and funny thing - i have that exact same book. delicious stuff delicious you!! glad summer is upon you, winter is certainly making it's way here in the big nz.... xx

  5. i'm so pleased you don't sweat it if your child has a strop...usually it takes 3 or 4 kids for the mum to relax and realise it's not actually about THEM, it's (usually) about a tired/hungry/frustrated little person. a very wise mamma :)

  6. Would love to this post on my Blue Plate Special

    Link up with me this week and every week. :)

  7. what awesome photos!
    Love the crochet!
    I also love that looking for that ray of sunshine makes everything seem brighter...good on you for chasing the rainclouds away.


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