Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Discovering the joys...

I am learning to not have high expectations for each day and that when things don't go according to plan, its okay!...

London was given a beautiful sunny day today and to spend it inside would have been a crying shame. Right from when I got up this morning I planned to spend the afternoon in the park and playground once I picked Luca up from school at midday. In my mind's eye I could see me relaxed and happy on our picnic blanket while the boys ran around the playground, climbing, sliding, swinging, laughing as I looked on and captured the moments on my camera.

All went according to plan as far as picking Luca up from school, coming home and quickly getting changed into shorts, t-shirt and sandals, walking to the local store to get snacks and refreshments for our picnic and then heading out in the direction of the playground.

And then Luca had a mother-of-all meltdowns.

He didn't want to ride his Thomas bike, so mamma had to carry it {while pushing the buggy laden with refreshments, picnic blanket and Beni-Boo}.
He didn't want to walk without holding my hand, but these hands of mine were pushing the buggy and carrying his Thomas Bike so there wasn't a spare one for holding Luca's hand.
He didn't want to hear me say that I think he is tired and we should now go home instead of to the playground, which is fair enough. I would've been upset about that too at his age.

And so sitting on the pavement and crying was the only obvious choice left for him.
Only it wasn't just crying - it was screaming, drooling and getting himself so worked up that he started chocking and gagging on his saliva.
It was awesome.

Of course there were the 'concerned' people who walked by and felt to point out "Your child is sitting on the ground screaming". Bless them.
And there were those passers-by who shook their heads and 'tutted' when they obviously saw I was pregnant with another child yet couldn't control this one. Tut tut.

And yet through it all I am proud to say I remained very calm and in control of my own emotions at least. I was eventually able to soothe Luca through my words and cuddles. I managed to juggle things around so I had a spare hand for him to hold as we walked back up the road towards home.

I suggested we could still have our picnic on the grass area just outside our place where there is a playground, be it a small one. Luca agreed this was a good idea. And so what had started out well but quickly turned to custard, ended up having a happy ending.

We had a good play session in the playground - sliding, climbing and enjoying the first of the summer sun on our skin {I even got a bit of a tan - YES!}

We picnicked on freshly cut grass under the shade of a tree.

The boys chased each other, schemed together and let off some more steam on the big grass area.

And mamma was given a flower as a peace-offering. "Here go mamma, a fee-yower for you!"

Today I discovered many highs and lows of being a mother. Lessons learnt. What to do, what not to do.

Motherhood is a continuous journey - one I am determined to enjoy along the way.


  1. This is a lovely honest post about the realities of days not going quite to plan but being flexible enough to go with it, and still end up having the loveliest of days despite. Beautiful pics too - wonderful vibrant colours :-)

  2. There's nothing more embarrassing then your kids throwing a wobbly in public, been there this week too! I love how you turned it around and stayed calm anyway. :)

  3. Great blog BJ, well done on how you managed to turn it all around. I'm sure I wouldn't have been so calm!! Luckily I'll be there soon to help with the THREE kiddies and to glare at passers by who even think about "tut-tut"-ing. God help them.

    By the way, Boo Boo is getting so big!! Climbing UP the slide?!

  4. Wow Brigitte - you will be feeling so immensely pleased with yourself for how you handled this! Reflection of feelings no doubt, acknowledging how it was for him, and all the rest - well done!! Love the photos ... the boys are such good little mates and Beni Boo climbing UP the slide - love it xx

  5. So did the 'concerned' people think you were deaf and blind that you couldn't see and hear your child??? I can't believe some people. I think you are amazing for handling that situation so well (I'd like to think I could handle joe bell or nate doing that ok but probably would've lost it at the tutters!) - so good on you geets! And love the spring sunny photos. xox


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