Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The Hunt

Although we had been trying to steer our boys away from all things chocolatey this Easter, I couldn't deny them of the experience of an Easter Egg Hunt.

Growing up we would always have to hunt for our eggs among the plants, bushes and spiders in an expansive garden... before our dog sniffed them out and took them to his treasure trove, never to be seen again.

Unfortunately in our current London abode we cannot offer our boys an expansive garden in order to hunt for their chocolate surprises, so we made do with the potted plants at our front entrance and on our balcony. They don't know any different anyhow so this was a very exciting experience for them!

The only good thing about a sugar-high is the inevitable sugar-slump at the end (i.e. a long nap).


  1. cool eggs wrapped like that...i haven't seen those. the first pic = beautiful eyes! :)

  2. An easter egg hunt is an easter egg hunt the world over ... so lovely to see the little guys enjoying their London garden and the treasures to be found xx


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