Friday, 29 April 2011

Gems of the week

Everything seems to be getting bigger this week. My baby bump, my butt, my boys...
Even being nearly 36 weeks pregnant doesn't stop me being used as a human bouncing board/climbing frame, even when trying to have a wee nap on the couch. *le sigh*

Excitement is growing by the day (it really is!) of our new arrival. We have Granny & Pop arriving in just over 2 weeks (WAHOOOO!!) and then anytime after their arrival baby is allowed to come.

This has been one of the quickest pregnancies I've had, probably because I haven't had time to stop and think. It's busy (and admittedly rather hard work) running around after two active, cheeky, hilarious, challenging boys. It's always a moment of celebration for everyone when Austin comes home from work to lend a helping hand - it's all I can do not to retreat into our bedroom and let him deal with dinner clean-up, baths, books and bed...

Anyway, onto the GEMS!

:: The generosity of friends... has absolutely blown me away! Check it:
- Generosity No.1: one designer bag GIVEN to me by a dear friend who bidded ferociously to win this item at a charity auction we had for our church's women's conference. Retails at £285. A M A Z I N G.
I think I'll definitely be able to fit the baby in here at the very least!...
- Generosity No.2: my husband arrived home from work yesterday with a 'present' for me...
That's right. You are seeing this correctly. One MacBook Pro which was GIVEN to us by our incredible Swiss friends just because they read my blog, heard about our computer troubles and wanted to bless us. WOAH! Yep, I'm feeling blessed. Still in shock actually. I love the way the keyboard purrs as I type. Just beautiful. This little beauty is like the Ferrari of laptop computers (for me anyway). I'm feeling the love people!

:: This cool little dude... who manages to keep his sunglasses on, come what may. I think he knows he looks pretty cool with them on.

:: Homemade marmalade... 

:: Loving that it's summer PJ time... especially when those summer pj's are in the style of a french wrestling onesie. Too blimmin' cute!
Yes, a slight graze on his forehead - that's what happens when one face-plants the concrete :(

:: The Crochet squares pile for the baby blanket is growing... only have 8 more to do and then I can start joining them all up. I've got good feelings about this project, think it'll be a goodie!

:: Royal Wedding Fever... it sure is rather incredible being in London at the same time as a royal wedding. Loving the countless forms of memorabilia on offer, but mostly, just the wonderful Britishness that is on display.
Regent Street is spectacular with hundreds of flags hung above the street.
Thought I'd throw in a pregnancy shot for you

And today a young lady married her prince. Just lovely.
I felt myself getting all teary when the Queen did her drive-by before the ceremony. Blame it on the pregnancy hormones...(?) but I thought it was so great to hear the crowd of thousands cheering for their Queen. YAY!! Wishing I could have made it into town for the very grand occasion but it just wasn't going to happen today... so we settled for streaming it on the net which was almost just as good. We all sat on our bed and watched the goings-on, the boys getting very excited about the police motorbikes that went before and after the royal cars...

Joining in with Paisley Jade Things I'm Loving


  1. i am so jealous of your london. just a beautiful backdrop for lovely photos. you look gorgeous with life . :)

  2. hahaha, i LOVE that first shot...totally been there! :)
    how wonderful to be in London atm...<3

  3. wow... you are blessed! :) that bag is cute and that laptop... ooo, me likey! as usual, your boys are darling! wasn't it brilliant to watch the royal wedding?! kate looked radiant, loved her dress. you look great! i can't wait to see this baby and find out the name! wishing you lots of rest and peace your way! xxxooo

  4. Wow - loving everything in your list.. the crochet, the new mac from your amazing friends, the royal wedding... and even the fact that you have a very good excuse to be getting a bigger butt! ;)

  5. Im loving your list too! Lucky you being right at the heart of it all. Loving your bump shots. Enjoy these last few weeks!

  6. Love it all as usual! Wish we could be there xx

  7. WOW! Great photos of all those flags! I'm dropping by from Paisley Jade and was so happy to see those pics! I'm a British lass living in New Zealand. I watched the wedding and loved hearing the cheering crowd and seeing London awash with all those flags. What a fabulous celebration of hope and optimism. Such a gorgeous couple and amazing event.

  8. Wow - you are blessed!! I am covetting that bag from over here.... and that laptop!! Awesome!
    V. nice bump you have there missy! Praying your next few weeks will continue to be filled with favour!xx

  9. What a wonderful post - loving it all. The blessing of friends, the onesies suit, the dude in his glasses, oh and the flags flying - how I wish I could have been back in London on the day to soak up all the atmosphere. Wonderful xx

  10. Yay! A MAC! Welcome to the world of iOS. You're gonna love it :-)


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