Saturday, 30 April 2011

{Saturday Snapshot}

This is all part of being a Mamma.

Kissing away their tears.

(even though he did just bite me on my 'due-to-pregnancy' outie bellybutton and I yelped which gave him a fright and as a result got very upset...)

Linking up with Yellow Songbird for Saturday Snapshot.

yellow songbird


  1. I know he is crying but that is such an awesome shot!

  2. Oh I love crying photos! It's such a frequent and natural thing that kids do but is rarely documented.

  3. Wow what a beautiful photo! Sad, but so beautiful! I am a new follower. Saw your post on Yellow Songbird.

  4. Breaks your heart a little, doesn't it! Gosh it hurts when they bite - Pudge is going through that stage at the moment.

  5. Oh, poor sweetie with those tears.


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