Sunday, 15 May 2011


Just thought I needed to give y'all an update - I'm currently in hospital due to baby deciding to un-engage it's wee head and turn sideways (transverse position)....

It all kicked off on Wednesday when my midwife dropped off my homebirth box (!), did routine check-up only to discover baby's head was now on my right side...little munchkin!

So I literally had to drop everything and head into hospital to confirm baby's position. The midwife said if the transverse position is confirmed they will be wanting to keep me in...WHAT?! I have only ever spent 1 night in hospital in my life and that was after I had Luca. And I HATED it and spent most of my time crying because I just wanted to be at HOME....

Anyhoo, my midwife (who is a friend) looked after the boys until Aunty Gretchie could get there (she did so within an hour because she's awesome!) while I quickly grabbed a few changes of clothes, undies and my crochet (the important stuff), ran for the bus (literally - also hoped that maybe the 50 meter dash for the bus might cause baby to go head-down again...), and met Austin outside the hospital all within about 10 minutes to spare before the Maternity Day Assessment closed which would have meant we would need to wait in triage for possibly hours to be seen...

So this really was God's favour on us as we were able to walk into the scan room upon arrival, get 2 scans done and see a Doctor without having to wait more than 2 minutes (truth!) between each of these.

But unfortunately it was confirmed baby had moved and, because I was classed as full-term (37 weeks) I would be staying in hospital from that moment until baby decides to turn (in which I could go home) or I go into labour. Reason for staying in is because of difficulties that arise when waters break or contractions start and the baby is transverse, they need to act quickly.

So yeah, that's the latest. It's now been 4 days and I was moved to a private room yesterday (thank you God!) as I wasn't getting any sleep being on the ward with ladies in early stages of labour all around me... And then there was the random screams from the labour ward up the corridor. Not cool.

Austin & the boys have visited me every day and I totally HANG OUT for their visits! I miss them very much. It was so weird going from a busy home environment with my wee men to being half bored to death and therefore thinking about them and missing them.

There have, once again, been many tears. Not only because i'm missing Austin, Luca and Beni and just want to be at HOME, but also because I had to let go of my 'ideals' for the delivery of this baby and just trust God and the medical staff that they know best.

Beni greeted me on my 2nd day here with a lovely bunch of roses. Of course I bawled my face off.

I am SO thankful to have my sister on hand to help out at the drop of a hat and friends who take our children for the night so Austin and I can snuggle up on the hospital bed and watch DVD's and just hang out together.

So family in NZ don't worry we are being looked after well!

Granny & Pop (austin's parents) arrive on Thursday (HOORAY!!) which will be a massive help also. SO EXCITED about seeing them and having them here with us over this exciting, and what has turned out to be eventful, time.

So I'm in here at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital until either baby turns on it's own or I get to 39 weeks in which case they will try turning the baby and if successful will induce labour. If unsuccessful it will need to be cesarean delivery which obviously wasn't even on the cards when I opted for a home birth (!), but hey, my number one priority is that this baby is healthy and safe.

I don't have Internet access here except for what I can get on my iPhone and I've just found an app I can use for blogger so we'll see if this works...?!

I'll do my best to keep you updated with the turning baby saga.

- Posted thanks to modern technology via my iPhone


  1. Let me know if you are able to check this. Hey sweet friend! I figured something was up. First, you know I blogged from iphone, pictures and all for almost 3 months. A pain...but you can do it!!! Keep us updated!

    Wow. Things are so different there. I had 2 transverse babies and they just let me go and go walking around at home, AND i had had a prior c-section. I always thought that was a little dangerous. Hmmm. If it gives you hope...everyone I know, BUT me...the baby turns on it's own (even up to 39 weeks). And by the way, they aren't big on trying to turn here in the US. But you are my UK counterpart, so baby will probably not turn. ;)

    And since you probably have time on your hand to read this...I went into labor with Mosby at 38 weeks, he was 9 lbs and I delivered his head and no shoulders were a coming thru = emergency c-section. JEB was planned c-section at 39weeks 2 days. He was transverse so would have been c-section, even if not the prior c-section, and he also weighed 9 lbs. Both boys were 21 1/2 inches long. Litte miss had ALL kinds of complications during that pregnancy. On top of being MEGA sick, I had complete previa and was in hospital several times for bleeding and feared losing her, she was transverse, but at 35 weeks I measured 42 weeks pregnant when I should have only meausred 35. My fluid amount was at 35, instead of the 10 range it should have been. They took her immediately at 35 weeks and becuase of all the extra fluid she had been able to flip and flip inside of me and pull a knot. We were blessed with her and the minor complications following birth. She weighed 7 lbs 5 weeks early and was 19 inches.

    All this to say that having had 3 c-sections, the best advice I can give you, IF you go there, is to get up and walk as soon as possible. I walked about 8 hours after delivery and it really got me on the road to recovery. I had no help after each birth and was literally running around doing everything by the time we went home. With some pains meds help of course. I was in the hospital 2 nights with the first two sections and 3 with Mary Mac, only because I was waiting for her to be realesed from sick baby nursery. Of course all this could mean nothing to you, as thy may do things completely different there. Thought I would give you some reading pleasure though...and WOW the rest you are getting!! :)

    Look forward to GOOD news from you and know you have a little love coming from the dern US of A.

    ~d. xoxox

  2. Oh hon!! Will pray that He will continue to see you through this so that baby turns and all happens as you hope (obviously though the home birth may be off the cards, unless you feel the urge to dash for the bus back again with everyone in tow as soon as your contractions start!!!!!!)
    Any ways, thinking of you - and can't wait to see your bundle of joy!

  3. I thought something was up, seeing as there weren't posts coming from you! Thinking of you! Everything will be great (I feel so safe at hospitals, but I know many people aren't a fan!) I hope your wee one turns on its own & I agree with Danielle.... doctors in the US usually don't turn babies (that was also stated in my birthing class.) This may sound lame, but do try and get some rest (and get lots of cuddles in with your Luca and Beni!) xxxooo

  4. OH Brigitte! Thats sucks for you! Baby turn in Jesus name! Hospitals are a good place to be when you need them...but suck at the same time! I know Im a nurse...praying you get out soon, so you can have your home birth!

  5. Oh poos. I so feel for you. Am praying baby will turn!

  6. imploring the Great Physician on your behalf. turn bubba, turn! xx

  7. Hugs, prayers and love all coming your way!! Baby number 3...please turn for your Mummy xx

  8. Love you my darling daughter xx

  9. Love and prayers are with you Brigitte! So excited for you! xo


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