Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Discovery

Luca has discovered Photo Booth on my laptop.
Hours of entertainment I tell you!

And my favourite...

He's a crazy kid. Don't know where he gets it from...


  1. Hahahah! I love it! We have spent hours doing the same thing. Hilarious! :) x

  2. Awesomeness!! Bubble spends hours doing the same thing - so funny to look through xx

  3. Haha! Crazy and super cute!
    Hope you are doing well- I am in awe of you handling 3!!!!

  4. As per usual, love love love xx!!!

  5. I definitely don't encourage this type of behaviour... he must get this from you... ahem... (we'll ignore the photographic evidence that says otherwise) - I love the one of you and Lucsi on the bottom right - HIL-AIRI-OUS! Roger Ramjet would be jealous of that chin x

  6. Looks like great fun :) I have equally silly boys and I swear they get it from their father :)


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