Sunday, 12 June 2011

{the simple things}

Since becoming a Mamma there are many moments in each day where I am overwhelmed by a massive flood of love that squeezes my heart, often from a simple thing just witnessed.

Playful interaction between my boys.
An impulsive kiss on my cheek.
Sparkling eyes and a cheeky smile.
The melodic tones of giggling.
Long lashes capturing teardrops.
The sound of sweet breaths and deep sighs in sleep.

And today - the tenderness, gentle love and pride shown by this 3 year old for his newest baby brother.

It's the Simple Things that really matter.

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  1. So sweet :) I hope Zayn will give me impulsive kisses when he's older, but I think it's all about how you raise the wee ones :) I'm trying to teach him to kiss and wave at the moment. I love the open-mouthed wet gummy kisses. I love simple things. xx

  2. There is nothing more beautiful than brotherly love.'s like the fruits of your hard labor. lOVE it. Visiting from the Simple things.

  3. oh their blue eyes! love that pic. hope you are doing well and adjusting to 3 mamma. hello?...max is already getting so big though...i love him! :)

  4. Love that sweet picture!

    Visiting from The Simple Things!

  5. This post brought tears to my eyes. :)

  6. you are doing so great Brigette! love reading and seeing your happenings. ta for quotes on mine, appreciate them and can laugh a lot with you! Hope you are getting some good rest precious one. xx

  7. Am needing hugs. Lots of them xx

  8. That is the most gorgeous photo. I ADORE it!

  9. Hi Brigette, I'm a newbie :) Actually, I spotted your blog recently and was SURE I'd seen you before...but didn't recognise Austin, until I remembered that he was indeed the trumpet player (at least I think so!) in the Dunedin Apo worship team a few years back when I was down there too! And you too. I will forgive you completely if you have no idea who I am :) Just thought I'd say hi and congrats on the very cute new arrival! I hope life is settling down somewhat for you and you're enjoying having some family with you. It's precious when they live so far away huh! Love the discovery of photobooth :)

  10. oh i love this!!!! reminds me of my boys!!! isn't it the best thing in the world to see that relationship just blossom! beautiful.

  11. this just makes me say AWWWWWW.


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