Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Yesterday was a bad hair day.
I've been having a lot of those lately.
Usually when I have a bad hair day there are drastic measures involved, which include going to the hairdresser that very day and getting my hair 'fixed' (which 9 times out of 10 means chopping it all off).

I haven't been to the hairdresser for 1 year - the main reason for this being because I have been trying to grow my hair.
For as long as I can remember my husband has been wanting me to grow my hair long and as much as I try to convince him that I really don't suit long hair he still dreams of me having long, dark, flowing locks - I imagine something like this:

But seeing as yesterday was a bad hair day and I needed to take drastic action I booked myself in for a haircut.
Nothing available until tomorrow? Damn.
£44 for a cut and dry? That's £44 we don't have. Double-damn.

And so I took drastic action and did it myself.
Apart from the fact I didn't actually do my hair this morning and then took this picture, you can get the general idea of how it looks...

*please excuse my dark-rimmed bloodshot eyes and no makeup. I have a newborn babe remember?

I feel like ME again now I have my short hair back.
I'll just have to buy a dark long-haired wig for when my husband wants me to be that long-haired Italian woman he dreams of. {tee-hee-hee}

And so now that I have "saved" us £44 by cutting my hair myself, I now have £44 that I can spend on a wax as part of the "Reclaiming ME" after pregnancy and childbirth.

That's fair enough huh? Yeah I think so too.


  1. who the heck can cut their own hair? and it looks amazing! girl...a hair cut is a MUST after having a babe. for me anyways... :) lookin good!

  2. Wooo - looks great! (and I'm very pleased that you didn't get me to do it as you were hinting) Yes, you do suit short hair best - speaking of which, I'm probably about to chop all of mine off too (not because I'm copying you... but I can't have the same haircut as Tyra or your boys will get confused when she arrives) xx

  3. Love it! Well done you. You really do suit short hair!

  4. Yep, you certainly do suit short hair best. Like me xx


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