Friday, 5 August 2011

Miss you

Learning to juggle three children and meeting their needs is proving to be a challenge.

I'm aware of an increasing desire to devote TIME to each of them, making sure they KNOW they are loved and adored by me, even though there are other siblings who demand my attention when they may be wanting it also.

At the end of a run today I was piggy-backing Luca up the hill.
"I miss you Mamma" he said quietly, holding tightly with arms around my neck.

I think it's time for a Luca Date.



  1. Darling wee boy xx. A Luca date sounds like a definite, with many more to come.
    And then there are Beni dates.
    And Max dates.
    Enjoy them all. Helping them know they are the apple of your eye.

  2. ok, that makes me cry.... love him BIG!!!!

  3. I agree with Changing Lanes, and I so love it that he was able to tell you xx

  4. Ow ow ow I'm crying, that melts my heart, love Lucsi. He adores his mamma x


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