Friday, 29 July 2011

You've got your hands full!

How many time have I heard this statement this week?
When I'm pushing a buggy (THAT IS FIXED, PRAISE GOD!) laden down with groceries and two children while I'm wearing the third wrapped firmly to my chest.

What can I say in response? I smile politely and mumble something in reply, having a wee chuckle along with them, when all I want to do is scream "Too bloody right I've got my hands full! AND they're all sick!"(cue breaking down into uncontrollable sobbing)

Fun times indeed...

Sickness still lingers in our household.
Not happy about this. At. All.

Today I took Max to the doctor because of high fever last night and difficulty breathing. Again.
Doctor was on the verge of sending him to hospital. Again.
He prescribed antibiotics instead but with strict instructions that if wee Max gets any worse to go straight to A&E. Again.

I'm pretty much over this whole sick children thing.
I'm pretty much over this entirely unnecessary sleep deprivation thing.

I'm strong, but not this strong.
I'm feeling a bit 'beaten' by this season.

I'm getting to the end of my tether and my children and household are suffering for it.
Not cool.
Poor wee dudes with their short-fused Mamma.

And yet I have to remain confident it will all get better. The boys' health, our beauty sleep, a happy home environment instead of parents who always seem to be swearing under their breath...

We'll get there, to the other side of this 'season', hopefully relatively unscathed.
I'm looking forward to that.
As well as getting some unbroken sleep for more than 2 hours in a row. That would be amazing!

So yeah, they're right, I do have my hands full, but that's just LIFE with 3 boys under 4.
It's a good thing they're so flippin CUTE and that they make me laugh as much as they do.



  1. Sending well wishes and hope for more sleep, sunshine and good health all round x lovely pics, stay strong and come the spring this time of hardship will hopefully be a very distant memory xx

  2. Aw Brigitte, big hugs to you xxx It WILL get better I promise. You are doing a great job with your boys. They are very loved and will survive a little season with a short fused, sleep deprived Mama. It's ok as sleep deprivation is a killer.
    Praying that the boys get better soon...

  3. I'm on my way!!! 5 more sleeps and I'm there and then you can catch up on your sleep while Luca and Beni entertain Aunty T with their tricks!!!! And I'll be an extra pair of arms and legs for the supermarket trips and carrying bubbas. Can you hang in for 5 sleeps? xxx

  4. bless your soul! praying for you as you weather this stormy path. not fun at all. you are not alone! xo

  5. You are a fantastic mamma to your wee boys! Sleep deprivation is sometimes part of the job description unfortunately, but there IS and end to it - just can seem so far off at times. You have really had a bad time of it with all the sickness, and wishing I could help more. Love you enormously xx

  6. awww mama sending lots of good sleep vibes you way! that crazy hair pic is adorable.

  7. Oh hun. The wilderness is always a bit hairy but you'll come through the otherside and look back and "see". Lean into Him.

    Praying that you will get that sleep and for a covering of health and wellbeing for your entire home!!xx


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