Sunday, 28 August 2011

Our Nana would be so proud of us right now

How's this for a fun night in:

Three sisters who haven't been together for nearly a year and a half.
Three sisters sitting down together, spending a {crazy} Sunday evening indoors.
One sister knitting.
Two sisters crocheting.
We are so hardcore.

Wishing the fourth sister was here too.



  1. Jealous! I wish I could hang out with my sisters. One is in Christchurch and the other in Cambodia. It's lovely.

  2. cute...looks like I dont need to bring out the bloggers whip to get that blankie done!

  3. How cool to have 3 sisters!! Even though 3 brothers is pretty cool too :)

  4. i wish i was there to!! hmmm but not too sure if i would be knitting....

  5. Jenna that's fine, you can make us coffee and brownie. We'd be fine with that ;) XX

  6. haha thats just what i was thinking!!! haha


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