Monday, 29 August 2011

The Brothers

Well I'm still playing catch-up with all our photos from the past couple of months...
I love these ones of Max on the crochet rug I completed when I was in the hospital waiting for him to be born {see it's being put to good use!}

He's about 10 weeks old here so only 4 weeks late for sharing these is not bad...!

The brothers.
Oh I just can't get enough of this! I feel so very proud and blessed to be the Mamma of three boys!

Luca and Beni totally dote on wee Max while he loves nothing more than to be in the same room as them and their noise and to watch their every move.
I can tell they're gonna be very close, these brothers.


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  1. Our Max has that same cute book! Great name by the way. x

  2. What sweet pics of your 3 boys. We have 3 boys too! : )

  3. Oh goodness!! They are just too cute and sweet. Brothers are the best!

  4. Oh they are so sweet! totally adorable and wow, clever you!
    A crochet blanket AND three cute little brothers!

  5. sweet pictures... i love capturing young siblings or cousins being affectionate with one and other.

  6. Your boys are gorgeous (your photos too)!


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