Monday, 26 September 2011

Granny & Pop: the coolest in-laws ever!

This is a post I've been meaning to write since the end of June, but you know how it is with being a new mum... you are highly emotional and so have been avoiding it!

Living on the other side of the world from our parents has been a big deal for Austin and I. We have been in London for nearly 10 years now and have had our 3 children over here.
It's hard enough being away from family when you're single or with just you and your spouse, but when there's children involved, that's a whole new level.

Austin's parents (Granny & Pop) made the trip from New Zealand to London in May this year, just in time for the arrival of baby Massimiliano (Max).
They stayed for a whole 5 weeks and just LAVISHED their grandchildren with love and affection and presents.

Whenever I mentioned it in conversation to random people that my in-laws were coming to stay for 5 weeks when the baby is born, I was surprised at so many of the reactions. Obviously not sure whether having the in-laws to stay for 5 weeks was a good idea, they would ask if I'm okay with that...?
Well, they obviously have bad in-law experiences and have never met my in-laws!

If ever I have met two simply wonderful people, it is my in-laws {I really dislike the term "in-laws" so I'm now going to refer to them as J&D ok? Good}.

When I married Austin I married into the COOLEST family around. Honest and Truly.
A pretty crazy and fun-loving mum and dad team who have four crazy and fun-loving sons of their own. So they've done the distance and survived! I like to keep reminding myself of this fact......

So I had absolutely no qualms at all about having J&D stay with us for 5 weeks, living in close quarters, them sleeping on our fold-out couch. We had been looking forward to having them stay for so long. Simply craving being around our parents again, spending quality time with them, seeing them be grandparents to their grandchildren.

And that's exactly how it was.
With the ease that comes from being around people you love and spending time with them - no need to fill silences, just being together and doing the every day together again was just so wonderful.

I actually put on weight after having Max because I was being fed up so well, looked after, waited upon and having every need met without having to lift a finger. BLISS!
{apart from the whole putting on weight thing. That was nicht so gut...}

Baking With Granny.

It was almost painful watching our children interact with and love and adore their grandparents because I knew it must come to an end when they were to leave. But maybe because of the fact it was a limited amount of time made us all the more determined to make the most of the time and moments given.
Whereas the grandparent/grandchild relationship could easily be taken for granted if it was an everyday occurrence, this way it was 5 weeks of quality time.

Story Time with Pop.

Such wonderful memories were created.
Unbreakable bonds between grandson and grandparent were formed.

Granny & Pop,
Thank you for coming all the way over to London to see us and spend time with us.
Thank you for your generosity and selfless giving. We have all been so blessed by you.
We are sorry we can't live closer to you at the moment, but thank you for understanding.
Even though we live so far from each other, you are never far from our thoughts and conversations.
We love you very much XXxxx



  1. (Disclaimer- I have a cold and am feeling quite emotional...) This post made me cry! What lovely in-laws you have. And what beautiful memories you and the fam made together xx

  2. Oh how this made my heart hurt as I read it...I know these same feelings for my kiddos as well. Lovely photos of your kids and family...:)

  3. Oh!!! Gorgeous!!! Loved this post!! .... (sniff ... sniff ... waaaaahhh!!)

  4. Who else, while being a monster that Luca found in the woods while having a picnic would respond with Monty Python quotes while being Sword!Sword!Sword!-ed to smithereens and losing all of his limbs one by one? The one and only Pop. 'It's just a flesh wound!...Right, I'll do you for that!...Running away eh?! Come back here and take what's coming to ya! I'll bite your legs off!' ... Oh, how I laughed!

  5. Such a beautiful post and photographs. I know exactly how you feel (here I am in NZ - going on 14 years - with both my parents and parents-in-law in the UK!). We have long holidays of 5 to 6 weeks once every two years and the time we have together is extremely special, treasured and wonderful. It's always an emotional rollercoaster when the time comes to say good-bye, but the times we are together are incredible x All the best x

    P.S. Your mother-in-law is stunning! I hope I look that good one day when I'm (hopefully!) a Grandma! I LOVE her hair and she has the most beautiful bone structure.

  6. this is so beautiful. the photos are a precious memory. your words are very special. i feel all goosebumpy.


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