Monday, 19 September 2011

Monday Love

I may have told you this before, but I love love l o v e Monday's!

I am a Monday-Lover because my husband works from home on a Monday and this kind of makes it feel like a long weekend. Not that we get to go out and do stuff cos he's supposed to be 'working', but it's just having the extra time together as a family and having an extra pair of helping hands around that makes such a difference to my week.

Austin always takes the opportunity to get the boys out of the house to kick the football or go for a run or to the playground, leaving me to mooch around at home. Which I LOVE!

Now that Luca is back at school this gives Beni uninterrupted attention from his beloved Papa.

There's nothing quite like being tickled by Papa to help fill the Love Tank to overflowing.

And there's nothing quite like the sweet sound of giggles from Beni Blue Eyes filling the home. Priceless.


Joining in with Life Made Lovely Monday


  1. LOVE all those beautiful pictures!

  2. so sweet... I love that you captured that moment. ;-)

  3. Beautiful! Your boys are so gorgeous, loving their room 3 boys share a room too!

  4. Fabulous! I love these pictures - seriously beautiful...

  5. Oh yes, I love it when MJ works from home - which is SO RARE here, but I get what you mean about just making it a bit of a nicer family day .... even though they are working!

    Your photos are AMAZING and your boy's smile, just beautiful!

  6. Oh how I love you Beni Boo!!!! xxxx So great that he's getting some 'big boy' time now that Luca is at school. Sweet little Munchkin!

  7. So, so precious. Tickle fights are just the best.

    And I love the filter effect on all of these pics - bee-utiful :-)

  8. Love this - We can hear the giggles from here :o)!!


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