Saturday, 17 September 2011

Time Goes By

We have a wee chunkster on our hands.
A chubba bubba.
A bonnie wee lad.

A bonnie wee lad who is always HUNGRY HUNGRY HUNGRY!

I took Max to get weighed with the Health Visitor this week and when she heard he's still waking 5 times during the night to feed she almost fainted...
I thought this was just normal for a 17 week old hungry baby and had resigned to the fact that maybe by about 7 months he might be sleeping through the night {it may be my third child but I'm still learning what's "normal"...!}

Anyway, she advised starting to give him baby rice before he goes down for sleep at night, try to fill him up a bit. So last night, at just under 4 months of age Max had his first taste of solids.

And it was a hit! He straight away was slurping at the spoon and doing the chewing action and swallowing.
Very advanced he is. Of course.

Last night he only woke four times for a feed. So I guess that's an improvement?.... Yeah. Nah.

Because he's becoming such a chunky monkey, he's starting to get too big and long for the hammock which we've had all the boys in from birth through to at least 6 months old.

Beni has been starting to ask to sleep in Caca's bed {his word for 'Luca'}. Just this morning he requested to have his nap in Caca's bed.

So with this in mind I spent the afternoon rearranging their beds and fixing up their room so it is now officially "The Boy's Room". The Boy's being Luca, Beni and Max.

And so this is how it's done - how to fit 3 boys into one small bedroom:

 Bunk beds are a necessity!

Luca has gone up to the top bunk so Beni can move in down below.
I love how everything on Beni's new bed is hand-made. Quilt and cushions by me and soft toys by Aunty T.

Max's new cot {previously Luca and Beni's cot}
The under-sheet is a piece of fabric Austin's mum gave me which is from when their children were little. Vintage late 1970's. Cool huh?

I want to paint the mismatching ikea drawers similar to the one here.
It's just a matter of getting the time and the paint.
Maybe when my baby starts sleeping through the night I might have the head-space for this...

I feel like I'm lacking a little inspiration for making the boys room look cool and "Boy-ie"... I know that's not a word but ya know wha' ah mean yeah?
It will never be a tidy room, but it will always be a happy room full of laughter and imagination and hopefully not too many tears.

There has been a lot of growth in the past four months. Max has gone from a teeny tiny newborn to a chubba bubba who is now on solids... ARGH!
And Beni has moved from sleeping in a cot to a proper Big Boy Bed.

Yes, time does go by so quickly and I'm busy trying to absorb every moment (be they good or... not so good...) with these precious wee guys that I can.



  1. *gasp!* They're all grown up! ... I'm not ready for this yet. The room is looking GREAT! The offer an illustration on the wall(s) is still there (post-Singapore)

  2. love the room! i was thinking how "boyee" it is. for real! oh and my big nurser JEB ... stopped the several times a night at 1yr when I found out I was pregnant with MM and MADE him stop. just sayin. :))) you'll sleep eventually.

  3. Zayn is 11 months and has always been on the lean side! He loves to nurse though... he still doesn't sleep through the night! He sleeps better if he sleeps next to me, which is what I have been doing. I learned that as a mother, to never criticize because different things work for different families :) I met a mum at Whole Foods yesterday and her oldest daughter (now 3) didn't sleep through the night until 18 months, she up every 2 hours. Her second baby (4 months) is a much better sleeper :)

    Max is a cute chubby babe! I love those legs! And their room is darling, I love that everything is handmade too! xx

  4. oh man! feeling for ya having to wake so many times a night! I always wanted chubby babies...mine were all skinny minis, but perhaps it was from not having the extra night feeds.
    Go the solids! Always so cool when ever kids reach those important milestones.

  5. I love your boys' room! So bright and colourful. :)

  6. Oh my!!! Growing up sooooo fast!!!! Loving Beni's bed, the wee toys look very comfortable there ;) And Luca Big-Boy on the top bunk!! Wee(ish) Max is SO clever, onto solids now!! I'm just so proud!! (*sob!*) xxxx

  7. Max is so cute, I love chunky babies! My boy was chunky deluxe and I loved it!
    The room is coming together really well, loving the bunk beds xx

  8. Love your creative eye! Your chubba bubba is yummy. And yes, my boy was a BIG feeder like that and just before 4mths we moved to rice because he was just SO hungry! sweets, you must be exhausted. Will pray for breakthrough in sleep!x

  9. Darling wee boys - all in together xxx. They are all moving onto the next step and feel so important doing so :). Love the room!


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