Thursday, 29 September 2011

Tuckered Out

This week has been Luca's first week of full days at school.
Up until now he has only been doing half days (mornings). So now he's doing 'Big Boy' school.
Yes he is only four but that's how it rolls over here in Great Britain.

That also means we have been introduced to the world of School Lunches. Hoorah!...

Luca absolutely thrives at school. He loves the interaction with other children and the feeling of independence.
But unfortunately this leaves him WASTED by the time I pick him up just after 3pm.

I've tried taking him and Beni to the playground on our way home from school while we kill time before dinner, but he just ends up losing the plot.
Throwing all his toys out of the cot.
Having a meltdown.

And so I've resorted to putting on a DVD for him {and his brothers} to chill out to, where he doesn't have to use any more brain power.

The only problem with this is that, more often than not, I walk back into the room only to find him asleep on the couch.
Tuckered out.

He'll sleep for about an hour and a half then wake for his dinner, bath, book and then straight back to bed again.

This 'Big Boy' stuff is exhausting - bless him!



  1. Awwwwwwwwww, what are they doing to my Lucsi at school?! Bless him, he looks completely knackered. He'd better have energy for 'get-chus' and 'Rory the racing car' when I'm back - I owe him get-chus from Sunday, and, well, I just haven't had enough Luca time over the past few weeks. Eat more kumara Lucsi, aunty Gretchie's going to GET-CHU! xxx

  2. aww... it takes them a we while to get used to full days. And each kid adjusts differently. would they be a bit more flexible and let you have friday off? The new entrants teacher at my kids school often ring parents up to pick up their kids early if they are not quite managing in those early days of school.

  3. That's so good that he still goes off to bed ok after having a nap, usually my kids are up all night if they have one before dinner. And then it turns into a visious cycle. I've heard of mums feeding their kids dinner at 4pm to get them fed and to bed before meltdown city and our school let's our new entrants have Wednesdays off If they need it. My 5 yr old was knackered today after only 2 full days of school!
    Oh school lunches. Joy. ;)

  4. all of their eyes! swoon!! and that onesie! did you order it? would love in a tee for Mary Mac. love you!


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