Saturday, 1 October 2011

Household Happenings

I was supposed to do this post for yesterday, for Friday "Lovings" but fell asleep last night before I could even start writing...

So now the children are in bed {all before 8pm - yesss} but oh me oh my what a mission.
Tonight I totally felt like I was going to lose the plot with the boys.
Luca, poor wee guy, has got a tummy bug and has been destroying the toilet all day.
I hate dealing with poos in general so I was not at all pleased to be dealing with his explosiveness...

Beni, now that he is in a Big Boy Bed seems to think it's a game to be put to bed, told very firmly to stay there and then for him to get out of bed, walk right up to us and wait for us to growl at him.
Then he runs off squealing with delight as we pursue him back to his bed *exasperated sigh*

It's just felt like a real battle tonight and probably heightened by the fact I am so tired and eager for them to all be in bed asleep... and my boobs are leaking everywhere because Max seems to be not-so-interested in them anymore. Hmph.

But all is now quiet, we have a nice chilled glass of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and Austin has just confirmed that, yes indeed, we have three boys out for the count. Phew!

Anyway... I wanted to share some of the Happenings in our Household this week.


Luca is cracking us up with some of the things he's been saying lately.
Quite randomly the other day while eating pasta for dinner he says "Mamma, when you spew up your pasta on yourself you will get told off."
"...ah, what was that?" I replied, not quite sure I was hearing correctly.
"When you spill your pasta on the floor you give a bad, bad message."
"Right..." What are they teaching him at school??...
Random indeed.

We awoke this morning to Luca coming into our room and declaring "We will go to the shop and we will buy a phone for me so I can play Angry Birds." Oh. dear.

Have you ever played the mobile phone app of Angry Birds? If not, don't do it!!
It's terribly addictive.
But Luca has become a true genius at it.
He constantly gets three stars (the highest) and smashes Austin's previous high scores out of the park.
Austin is constantly being humiliated and humbled by Luca's uncanny skills with this game.

We are in the middle of a heatwave.
In the middle of Autumn.
It's awesome!

All the boys are baring their torsos.
Like their father they love having their shirts off.
And I'm so fine with that.
Especially when they are as delicious as this.

Now I may be a little slow on the uptake.
I'm sure this is not a lightbulb idea for anyone other than me (!)
Austin and I, due to our extremely tight budget at the moment, have come up with a bi-weekly menu for our dinners during the week and weekends so that when we shop we are only shopping specifically for exact items and quantities needed according to our menu.

And I do believe it's working!
I'm quite excited about this because I am a lists and routine girl and this makes me very happy.
My days feel more manageable because I don't have to think "What shall we have for dinner?" or "What have we got in the cupboards that I can rustle a meal together with?"
love having that already decided for me.

We like to get our groceries delivered.
This saves us much time and effort - online grocery shopping is from the Lord I tell you!
The funny thing is our boys get so excited about the fact that the 'Asda Man' is here.
They enthusiastically get right in there taking receipt of the bags of groceries handed to them at the door and take great delight in unpacking them and discovering the exciting things we have bought.

Loving the Brother Love.
I often walk into the room where Max is sleeping to find he's been 'gifted' some cars by his brothers.
You have to remember that cars are a commodity around here.
And they are not given away light-heartedly nor flippantly.

Can't believe this little man's on solids now - craziness!!
But he loves his food. Oh yes.
His eating and appreciating noises are really quite something.

I'm pleased to report I'm back out running.
For real.
Blisters on my feet and everything.
Check out these wicked sock marks. I thought I had suddenly got tanned legs but then realised it was just dust.

Loving children who can sleep anywhere.
Just give them their dummy and muslin cloth and together they work like an immediate sedative.
But this is what happens when the d&m are carelessly left lying around...

Proud big brother.
I'm loving watching the interaction between Luca and Max especially and watching the relationships between the three boys develop.
They are very proud and protective of their little guy Max.

...and he's pretty darn cute!

The multi-tasking Mamma.
Trying to convince one child to eat while balancing another on her lap.

When you bake cookies make sure you reward yourself with one fresh out of the oven with a nice strong cup of coffee in your favourite mug.
Heaven on Earth.
Friday's treat was a white & dark chocolate chip cookie still hot from the oven (I actually burnt my mouth on it) with a coffee in my favourite mug I got in Helsinki, Finland.
As you do.

Maybe I have a foot fetish
but I just can't seem to get enough of these little chubba bubba feet.
And don't even get me started on the chunky thighs...!
Check em out.

This little guy rocks my world.
Posted especially for the grandparents to have a cry over...

Happy ROCKtober everyone! X


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  1. oh man, i don't know WHAT i would do without a muslin cloth!! my littlest has {hand,foot and mouth disease} at the moment (Sounds horrendous doesn't it??) and his "guy-guy" is glued to him. we have so many - on heavy laundry rotation!
    hope your spewing babe stops soon and it doesn't spread. that is no fun at all.


  2. what do you mean groceries delivered???? that has killed me! can i get this done? must have.

  3. Wow - your pics are amazing!! Loving your sock marks (and dust tanned legs) too. I must get back into running!!! Hope all is well in your home soon... and I so wish we could get our groceries delivered for cheap here where I live!!

  4. yip loving the feet with the dusto. YOu are such a great lady, such a yummy mummy doing her best! Remember to breathe and sitting in a cupboard by yourself for a moment is A OK if you need time out! Love to you cookie maker!

  5. so much good stuff in that Ill just say...bloggy love to you and yours xx

  6. Great post. Loved all of it, especially Beni's song at the end, he is quite clearly going to be a rock star.
    Am also pleased to see that Alligator Chicken has made it onto your menu on Friday nights.
    Love xx

  7. Love, love, love! You are very inspiring xx!!

  8. Was Beni being Tane?

    Cute cute photos. The ones of Luca and Maaaax are super beautiful, lovely brothers. And Boo crashed out on the floor is hilarious.

    Miss you all, can't wait to see you next Sunday xx

  9. Wow just catchn up on your latest brilliant, loving it all, your photos, stories, perspective, real moments!! Awesome stuff!

  10. Feeling very inspired by your menu, Bridgette! I even just came back here now to see what ideas I could steal from you for meals :) Today has been one of those overwhelming-I-hate-shopping-but-don't-know-what-to-cook days so I'm more than ready to sit down and make up a menu. Good plan, thanks! Oh, and while flicking down, I saw those yummy biscuits...might have to match us a batch of those too :) Hope you all have a great weekend over there!


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