Saturday, 22 October 2011

The Cure For Grumpiness

I was starting to write this post last night but was falling asleep as I was typing so took myself off to bed at 9pm. Our Friday nights are so rock and roll in this household...!

Well I'm sad to say I woke up yesterday on the wrong side of the bed with grumpiness as my companion. And whatever valid excuse I have, grumpiness is never nice for anyone. Is it.

I could very easily have stayed indoors again all day, tidying and organising things I've been wanting to tidy and organise for a while, but then I remembered I had children and these children are boys who need to get outside and run off their energy.
It was also helpful that the day was another beautifully crisp and sunny Autumn day which was begging for me to get out and enjoy it's goodness, so I bundled up the two youngest in the stroller, dropped Luca off at school and headed to Richmond Park to try run off my grumpiness and hopefully a few excess fat cells.

It was only a short and slow run, testing out my achilles which has been rather tender of late but it seems to have healed enough to run on it again. A good enough excuse to take it easy though...

I am so pleased I got out and about. The dew was still thick on the grass where the sun hadn't yet reached it, the air so crisp there was no chance of overheating, and only a handful of other people and their dogs also out enjoying the new day.

My halfway point was where there is a lovely big old log - a climbing frame gifted from nature. So Beni enjoyed some freedom from the confines of the stroller and did some climbing, a bit of slipping and falling, but then a timely snack makes everything better!

(This photo's for you Vicky - thanks for reading my blog! You are in my thoughts xo)

Home by 11:30am and still time to organise and tidy my house, not that a whole lot of it actually got done but the intention was there.
And best of all - the grumpiness had gone!
People - I do believe I have found The Cure for Grumpiness = Go for a run. Easy as that.

Or if that's not your cup of tea, a good strong whiskey will work wonders also.



  1. Love the way Beni relishes his time with his mamma and baby brother when he's the big boy! Love the pictures and as always, they're our treat for the week xxx

  2. great pix! YOur kids are super scrummy

  3. I totally agree....It is a total cure for "crankiness" as it happens in our family

  4. you're awesome. i am a pro at making excuses to exercise....but always feel amazing after i do. gah~

    keep it up. and hope you get some decent sleep real soon (sleep is also a fantastic cure for grumpiness!!)


  5. Being outside and getting some exercise always cures me! Your photos are lovely, love the lens flare through the trees. Thanks for visiting my blog!


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