Thursday, 20 October 2011

Home Day

It's been a week of needing lots of coffee thanks to a 5 month old who wakes 30 billion times during the night and two other boys who always seem to make their way into our bed and then take up all the room.
Although I do adore the cuddles given as they snuggle up.

And so today is a Home Day. Nothing on the agenda except coffee drinking, banana cake baking, cuddles and playing with two cute wee guys and maybe even a spot of crochet. Christmas is coming after all... Shee-oot!

Although it's a chilly day outside the sun is streaming through our living room windows and we are enjoying the feel of it's comforting warmth on our skin.

Sure there's housework to do and I'll be tackling that too, but at the moment - I'm not bovered.

Hope you're all having/have had a Happy Thursday!


  1. We love home days here. I hope yours is a peaceful one and the thought of banana cake is making me hungry!

  2. Sounds like a perfect idea :) Yum, banana cake! I've had my Edmond's out lately and been making the chocolate chippie biscuits. YUM! :) Hope you have a fun, relaxed day there and hopefully tonight brings more sleep for all! x

  3. Love the plenty of coffee. I think coffee is a gift to mothers. And your pictures? Beautiful. You've captured life so perfectly.

    Blessings. And take a nap. :)

  4. yuck for sleep deprevation :(

  5. Love the photos capturing the absorbing Of Beni's play and the wee Max feet first angle xxx.

  6. "Bovered" Sounds like you were thinking about Hoovering but realised, quite sensibly, that you shouldn't be "Bovered". :-)


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