Monday, 3 October 2011

Family Likeness & a bit of Bon Jovi

3 boys.
Each at 4 months old.


Tomorrow's my birthday.
I'm not jumping for joy about the idea of turning another year older.
If you're just dying to know how old I am, cos that's the million dollar question when it's your birthday, well when Bon Jovi released 'Living On A Prayer' I was 11 years old.
You do the math.
But as my sister recently quoted "You're not old, ninety-three is old".
And she's got a very good point there.

Oh. And while we're on the topic of Bon Jovi, check it out:
That's him in the red jacket.

In amongst having a baby and what-not I failed to mention that I went to see Bon Jovi in concert.
And he's gorgeous.
And I screamed my heart out.
And nearly wet my pants with excitement due to a very weak pelvic floor (I'll blame it on that anyway).
And that I got to go backstage.
And that I just happened to be backstage when Bon Jovi and band drove past on a golf buggy.
And that I nearly passed out from the sheer enormity of actually seeing him so close in person.
But fortunately Austin was there beside me to tell me not to embarrass him please...

Well, this is a whole other post that I have failed to write about.

Happy Monday everyone!

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  1. i'm going with: Beni, Luca, Max.


  2. WHAT?! You saw BON JOVi and didn't write about it yet?! Oh my gosh... i lOVE him! Wow... your boys look so much alike, gah they're so cute! Hmm... Beni, Max, Luca ? I cannot tell... do tell us!

  3. Awwwww, my DEEEEELICOUS blue-eyed boys! See, I told you Max looks a lot like Luca too. Points to note - Eph's bottom lip on the left, Dave's eyebrows in the centre, and well, on the right is just sheer cuteness (maybe Dad's mouth? although that's always hidden behind a beard, but I guess that what it looks like). Happy birthday xxx

  4. I think Max Luca Beni too :-) And I think I was nearly 10 when that song came out so I commiserate :-) Happy Birthday! xx

  5. gee Max and Beni look alike....Luca very serious in that photo.

    Happy Birthday!


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