Thursday, 27 October 2011

A Farmer's Market

I do believe we have found our new favourite thing to do on a clear, crisp winter Saturday and that's go to the Farmer's Market in Barnes. It is an easy 30 minute stroll to get there, but when there's so many photo opportunities and trees to climb on the way there, no-one's complaining about it!

As far as Farmer's Markets go there wasn't a great amount of things on offer, but there's just something cool about being in that environment, people all rugged-up from the cold, coffee in hand, eating a bacon sandwich. As one does when one is at a Farmer's Market.

Directly opposite where the market's situated is a duck pond, so we grabbed a coffee and took the boys over to check out what was happening in ducksville.

On the way home I was struck by the thought. "This has actually been a perfect Family day!".
Sun shining, well-behaved (most of the time) boys, everyone was happy and it was a bizarre yet wonderful feeling!

*Beni's process of saying "Cheeeeeeeeeeese" for the camera...*

May we have many more days like this leading up to and throughout the long Winter months ahead.



  1. this is so beautiful. what lovely photos and what a great spot to be! we too have farmers markets and i love the atmosphere as well. enjoy your weekend. xo. ps: i can't not comment on the cheeky photo! i did see it :)

  2. FUN!! Looks like a delicious day and gorgeous family time. Love all the photos - Austin and Lucsi, you and Austin, big boy Luca with his backpack (cute), Beni's cheeeeeese (flip that boy is scrumptious) and Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaax (aka Mister Happy). Hurrah for autumn!! Xx

  3. Awesome!! :) Wish I was there too!! Loving your hair at the moment Geets. xx

  4. Love these photos!! What a wonderful treasure to find just down the road ... many more lovely family outings to be had xx!

  5. I wish I was there! I miss farmers markets in Bakewell every Saturday! sorry need to correct you here it is a bacon butty NOT sandwich haha. Beautiful photos! LOVE!!

  6. A pleasure to read from a humid and sticky Singapore. Loving your view of the world - it is very special. x

  7. Awesome pics and what a lovely family day out in the autumn colours x

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