Tuesday, 11 October 2011

This is what I do

I often wonder if what I consider to be normal about my life is, actually, a little bit on the crazy side.

I'm not one to be particularly concerned or bothered about other people's opinions, but I do quite often notice looks that are lingering with a sympathetic half-smile as I pass them by and go about my life and busy-ness as a Mamma of 3 active boys.

Lately, once I've dropped Luca off at school in the mornings, I've been taking Beni and Max out running in the stroller.

At this stage in my fitness, while pushing 20 kg worth of children + a 12 kg buggy, my aim is to run to the top of 'The Hill From Hell' in Richmond Park and back again which - there and back - is a 4 mile (6.5 km) run.
The view at the top of the hill is reward in itself let alone the opportunity to catch my breath.

I'm working {reasonably} hard at getting my fitness and body back again through running (I say this as I sit eating chocolate while I type) and although it would be so much easier to lug only my own body weight around the park, this is just how it is at the moment.
This is what I do.
I run up hills pushing my babes, singing songs, pointing out dogs and squirrels as entertainment and dishing out snacks as bribery to stay put.

And if you see dampness on my top around the nipple area, it's not sweat, it will be leaking milk.
This is what I do.
I am a nursing mamma who runs.
But don't worry because my babe is clearly thriving.

Come 15:10 I can be found collecting Luca from school amidst the choas of a million and one strollers, children and parents.
Of course this is when Beni INSISTS that he wants to be a big boy and clambers out of the buggy then manages to rapidly weave his way through the crowds towards the road and I can't keep up with him or chase after him because I can't get my own buggy past all the other parents with prams and children on the loose.
And of course he doesn't respond or come back when I call.
Every. Single. Day.
This is what I do.
I am the parent who is constantly calling out for her boys to "Don't touch that it's dirty", "don't eat that you'll get sick", "Come back please and hold my hand", "stay away from the road", "take your finger out of your nose", "don't you dare eat it that's disgusting!" etc.

And today was not dissimilar.
Toddler on the loose.
Toddler falls over and whacks his forehead on the pavement.
Toddler starts screaming (which is understandable).
Concerned parents close at hand pick him up and look around for whose child this is.
Mamma manages to weave her way through the prams and people to her screaming son while she calls out to her oldest son (who is somewhere up ahead doing who-knows-what and eating who-knows-what) to please stop and wait because Beni's hurt himself.
Another mamma-friend conveniently walks by and offers to push the buggy while I am carrying Beni, who is still screaming and now has a big egg on his forehead.

We manage to locate Luca who is waiting (good boy) and eating his afternoon snack of peanuts but then another child pushes past him and he drops some peanuts and so of course this brings on the tears with loud wailing and gnashing of the teeth.
Then I look down at Max in the buggy and see that he has vomited all over himself.
And I think to myself "This is awesome"

But you know what?
This is what I do.
I'm a Mamma of 3 boys doing the best she can to raise her children to be happy and healthy.

There will be bumps and falls and tears and snot and vomit and tantrums, but that's just life.
It's a little bit on the crazy side, but I'm learning to be cool with that.



  1. This is what you do, and you know what? You do it so well!!!
    It's like you recognise this is how life is at the moment, this is the season you're in and being able to recognise the nature of the season also means you're able to recognise the very precious jewels that are inherently present and waiting to be found and enjoyed because they are unique to this season and this season only.
    Relax and enjoy :o)! Love you xxx

  2. I can totally relate to all that you have written. Ok so maybe not the running bit while pushing 20kg+ of strollers and kids BUT I do definately relate to the craziness of it all! And while sometimes its not fun and there is no glamour moments to be seen for miles, I love it and I wouldn't have it any other way. I too am living my dream (well almost, in my dream my boobs would be perkier) YOU my dear friend are doing an excellent job!!

  3. Love the reality check, sometimes I think I'm the only one trying desperately to hold it all together and mostly missing the mark.

    Your boys are so clearly loved and well cared for, it's plain to see. I think its awesome that you manage to get your exercise in at all, let alone with 2 kids in tow...amazing feat!

  4. I thought that the grinny photo of Max was Beni - freak me out... he's getting so big! You're doing flipping awesome Geetwa! Boys will be boys and kids will be kids. Those who don't understand that can go jump *sniff* - end of.

    Love you xx

  5. Great post! This is life in all its gritty glory and sometimes it just blows. I love your attitude, your running and your great style of shrugging and getting on with it all! What an inspiration.


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