Saturday, 26 November 2011

Celebrating: Biker Style

Beni-Boo, the 2 year old, loves motorbikes.
He gets enthusiastic about cars, but shakes with excitement when he sees a motorbike.
Harley Davidsons in particular.
That boy has taste.

So of course we had to have a 'Biker' birthday party to celebrate his two years of life.

Our London family turned up in all their Biker glory and showered our boys with love and laughter.

Refreshments, motorbike cake, presents, dance moves, hot chicks, drinking a juice and sparkling water combo out of beer bottles with a straw, your mother wearing fishnet tights.
Everything a good party should have.

We even managed to get a photo of 5 children from 2 families lined up and sitting {reasonably} still - aged 6 months, 1, 2, 3 and 4 years (left to right). Awwwwwww.
These five are the best of friends. I love it.

With the end of the day came the sugar slump and a spectacular sunset.
Needless to say bedtime couldn't come soon enough and sleep was eagerly welcomed by three dear little boys.

It was such a fun way to celebrate a sweet little two year old.
Happy Birthday Beniamino.
You make our lives very lovely indeed.


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  1. Ripper of a party Geetwa! Love the first photo of Beni and his new bike - that expression says it all. And the photos of Lucsi dancing - amazing. That boy has serious moves. I love our London family. Fun day!!


  2. Oh my goodness I'm just like wow, wow wow every time I come over here....the amazing photos, your creativity & fun ideas, gorgeous fam....what's not to love :)

  3. what a mean as day!!! I love Beni's sideburns and mo! and Lucas hairy chest and bit of hair out top of his trousers haha,

  4. cutest cake EVA.... and please post a pic of you full body so i can see those fishnets on those legs.!!! ;)))

  5. what an awesome party to have - love your tattoo & all the boys get-up. No pic's of hubbie though/? Was he styling it too?
    Narnie x x x

  6. Love it!!
    Happy Birthday sweet 2 year old biker boy xx

  7. You guys are so cool! You rocked the party! Such fun, as Miranda would say, xx

  8. Love it!!! Such a happy party for a gorgeous wee boy xxxxx

  9. Haha, LOVE the obvious shaking with excitement as his new bike!!! Awesome photos of awesome little boys. What a great 'party number-2' Beni Boo!!! xxxx

  10. Happy Birthday to your sweet guy! I love the theme and the cake is adorable! I have 3 boys too. : )

  11. How COOL! (I heart Jon Bon Jovi too). Such a unique party theme - I love it. Maybe for my next birthday.....


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