Friday, 2 December 2011

It's Friday!


Just a few photos from our day to keep the Grandparents happy :)
It's been a busy week, Austin and I were out both Monday and Tuesday night, purely for pleasure! An end-of-year dinner on Monday and a Stephen Merchant stand-up on Tuesday (which also was Austin's birthday). H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S!!! I have not laughed so hard for so long in such a long time! My stomach muscles and cheeks were aching by the time he'd finished. Gotta be good for you huh?

But as a result of our MASSIVE social week - the big TWO nights out - I am now officially shattered and haven't been good for much except drink coffee, try to do some crafting for christmas presents and edit some photos but keep falling asleep within 10 minutes. Good one.

Temperatures have dropped here and our first frost was this morning. We are now officially in the Winter season and in the same month as Christmas! Whoop!

My two oldest boys have just knocked heads and are crying. Better tend to the wounded.

Have a great weekend lovely people! X



  1. oh! those boys are getting so big and chubby!!! good old english miss them!

  2. going and seeing a live comedian would have to be on the to do list.
    Getting out together is always worth it...even though it takes a week to get over ;)

  3. hi brigitte. nice to read you have had some adult time this week. i am in much need of that. love the photos...especially those little feet :) have a good weekend. xo.

  4. LOVE the photos of our wee boys xxx!! Love wee Max's eyes and Beni's little fat fingers holding the crayon xx. Love Beni's feet with dad's toes xx. Gone on you for some adult time together and it sounded like just what the doctor would have ordered if he had been asked. Love you xx.

  5. Ok, that photo of Beni and Max lying side-by-side - they actually look identical (give or take a year or two).


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