Monday, 14 November 2011

A Home-Loving Saturday

We had a very l a z y day on Saturday. And it was so wonderful!
I love nothing more than just pottering around home.
It's when I'm happiest.
Have to stay indoors all day? Doesn't bother me.
Just give me any excuse to stay inside all day, I don't mind.
I know that may sound a little sad and pathetic but it's just the way I am. The way I have always been.
A Home-Lover.

The weather wasn't particularly warm and inviting on Saturday so we were all quite happy to stay cosy indoors.

Aunty Gretchie came around.

My husband baked banana loaf.

We spent the day simply enjoying each other's company and being a family.

At one point during the day I lay on my stomach in the lounge with the camera and captured the different activities and interaction happening around me.

 I LOVE these ones of Max & Luca - their interaction is very sweet.

Mid afternoon the boys went for a run-around in the playground in our complex.
When Luca got out the door we realised he was looking very chav-tastic with his grey hoodie, tracksuit bottoms and cap. A Ferrari cap mind you! There's not much 'Kiwi' in this boy at all...!

It's now getting dark at 4:30pm and the sun remains low in the sky throughout the day.  Eager, it would seem, to take itself off to the other side of the world to greet our loved ones in the southern hemisphere with the new day.

Oh to be able to jump on those sunbeams and let them deliver me in the blink of an eye to The Land Of The Long White Cloud {yes, the homesickness is still lingering...}.

But having a Family Day at home here in London did this ol' heart good.
And to really rock it out for our Saturday night we went to bed at 8:30 and I was asleep by 8:45.



  1. We had a home day on Saturday too...loved it! God bless your home and gorgeous family x

  2. this looks so perfect. home days are my absolute favourite. i too am a home body. xo.

  3. Love the tummy/lounge pics. My favourite is the car garage with the hand peeping through. Home sickness is something I have never really been faced with so no advice at all from me would be relevant. Being asleep within 15 minutes is worth smiling about though, I'm a toss and turn, awake 2 hours later, brain spinning type. So if that was me I would be smiling.

  4. mmmm baby feet. nom, nom, nom.

  5. I love weekends like this...even though sometime I get a bit cabin feverish by the end of it, there is something rather lovely about locking the rest of the world out...beaut pics!

  6. Lovely! :) Love the pics of Maxie sitting up so well, what a clever little fella!! Love and hugs xxxx


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