Friday, 11 November 2011

Friday Snapshots + Happenings

+ On my side of the family we have been doing Handmade/Second-Hand Christmas presents for a good number of years now. As our family got bigger and the money got tighter we all agreed this was the best (and most fun!) way forward for Christmas presents.
So I've started on gifts for the nieces.
Of course I should have started making Christmas gifts a few months ago but... well, I didn't.
I've got the supplies but now I just need the time... oops!

+ We have a fair bit of construction happening outside our kitchen window. It's been going on for a few months now. We all watched with fascination as an old block of flats got demolished, the ground cleared and now there's a big drilly thing there, drilling holes I guess.
It reminds me of you dad and your 'drilly-thing' attached to the back of your tractor that you'd use on the farm for fencing. I enjoy watching them use the big drilly thing cos it reminds me of you.

+ While Luca's at school I love spending the day with these two boys with the beautiful eyes and delicious giggles. We had a home day today so I could do some knitting...!
Cars, trucks, tractors and trains were all brought into the lounge so I could sit and knit while the boys played with the cars. Well, Beni played with them and Max gummed them.

+ When Beni walked into our bedroom with a tomato in each hand and started banging them together, I had two thoughts run through my head:
1) Tomato juice on cream-coloured carpet = not good.
2) Tomato Chutney!
So it's now bottled up and just needs to be labelled ready for Christmas gifts. It's made me feel very domestic with them sitting proudly on the kitchen bench top.

+ I've been addicted to this song this week. Especially where it cuts into the chorus. Just beautiful.

+ My husband is sitting beside me on the couch going mad at the Angry Birds game he's playing on his phone. He didn't like me reminding him "it is just a game...". I think he's frustrated because he can't beat any of the High Scores set by Luca. Fair enough.

+ This totally cracked me up! Something we've got to look forward to once the teenage years hit... that and being eaten out of house and home.

+ YAY it's the weekend! Happy Days to you all X



  1. love seeing your photos and i love your christmas idea. have a lovely weekend.xo

  2. I'm impressed with your chutney making! I love that domesticated feeling :) What a beautiful song. Thanks for sharing! Enjoy that London sunshine :)

  3. Wow well done on the chutney making! And the drilly thing on dad's tractor was a post hole borer, but 'drilly thing' describes it well :o). Love the beautiful eyes xx

  4. YEAH! love this post!! (hehe. I just felt like a YEAH! after reading it!) gorgeous blue eyes on your wee man there! and noice on the chutney.


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