Sunday, 6 November 2011

The Week That Was

Every morning of the week I am brought one of these in bed by my amazing husband.
He would have already been up for at least half an hour, feeding the boys their breakfast while I remain under the comfort of the covers giving the ever-hungry-baby his milk.

Look at that face. 
Does that look like the face of a baby who would be mean enough to wake his mamma every 2 hours for a feed during the night? Well it is. 
Unbelievable I know.
The wee munchkin.
Fortunately he is very cute and I love him more than life.

I can't believe it's been 7 days since I posted, it only feels like a couple of days - this week has gone by so fast! 
There have been a few evenings where I've been editing photos for my blog but then I find myself falling asleep at the computer.

And so it is Sunday again, ready for a re-cap of the week.

I don't usually bid for items on ebay - I've only ever bought a coffee grinder for Austin when he turned 30.
But this week I bid on a brico trainset for the boys - they've only ever had a few pieces - so I wanted them to have bridges and tunnels also. 
So I placed a bid. And I won. Easy-peasy. 
8 quid thanks very much.

Hours of fun right there. Except for when Beni's big nappy bum keeps knocking the bridges over as he manoeuvres the cars/trucks/trains/helicopters over the tracks.

Yesterday was my 'long run' day for my marathon training, even though it was only 7 mile cos I'm just at the start of the training schedule.
So I set out after breakfast and coffee {without any children!} for an easy run around Richmond Park.

Favourite song for tackling hills: Linkin Park & Jay-Z - 99 Problems
You gotta have a bit of agro if you want to run up hard hills. Fact.
And this song has it. Love it. (please excuse the f-bombs though...)

SUCH a beautiful run through the Autumn leaves. I certainly don't take it for granted that I've got this beautiful park within walking distance. Everyone is always happy when they are out walking/running/cycling through this park. You can't help but smile. Even when my lungs feel like they're on fire.

Just when I was finishing my run I was getting ready to walk it home and looked up to see Austin and the boys coming down the street towards me - awwwwwww, such a lovely sight to see! So we headed back into the park to climb some trees and watch dogs fetch sticks in the river.

That is one hot sweaty mamma, but my boys still loved their sweaty cuddles and kisses.

Now that Max is well and truly on solids at his massive 5 month of age... feeding time is always messy and the little bibs around his neck just weren't cutting it.

So I headed out in search of a full-body bib. I knew Poundland (where everything is a pound, funnily enough) would have the goods. And they did. But only in pink.
And knowing boys don't appreciate pink flowers and butterflies, I 'pimped' the bib to make it a Pirate bib.
Be it a pink one.

One thing I have found particularly delightful recently is finding Luca and Beni reading our Family Atlas.
This totally brings back memories of seeing my brother do exactly the same thing. He would spend hours on the floor reading maps and atlases. I love it.
Having a brother has definitely been beneficial in helping me understand my little guys that much more.
And it makes me miss him that much more.
(Love you Ephraim XX)

Hope you are having a Happy Weekend and finding joy even in the small, simple things.



  1. lOVELY post! I'm making my husband read this (he needs to help out more.) :) Your boys are just so cute and Max is still getting up every 2 hours to feed! Zayn finally started sleeping better 3 weeks ago (he was diagnosed with allergies of dairy, soy, egg, & peanut.) Oh my, eh? Richmond Park is beautiful... I need to start running and I wish I had a jogging stroller.

  2. i love the photo of you. so natural and BEAUTIFUL. really! wish i was as motivated.

  3. haha very cool.
    Love coffee in bed!
    And LOL to the pimped out bib. Hopefully some solids will make for a nice full tummy and better sleeping at night.

  4. I love your posts...beautiful in every way! :)

  5. Awesome post!! LOVED all the pictures of the boys!! Missing you all very much!! xxxxx

  6. Once more - love it all! Am thinking that the photo of Beni (peering through the crack in the tree trunk) looks like you when you were little. So love all the photos and being kept up to date with everything!
    Love you xxxx

  7. i love your posts, especially with all of these gorgeous photos. your boys are so freakin cute!! and i love your red sweaty face. i had one of those today. a lunch time jog around the beach to get out of the office. scorching sun. i was grateful for my headphones. listening to music while i get active makes me not concentrate on listening to my breathing...which i imagine sounds like i am going to pass out!! lol. the exercise and fresh air makes you feel amazing though. have a great week. xo.

  8. such beautiful photos! wish i was there running through that park with you! it looks so pretty!!

  9. I too, would sit for HOURS with the family Atlas. And thus, I have a life long love affair with maps. They were a major theme of our wedding and my husband and I have many special ones adorning our house.

    Maps have given me itchy feet, a sense of adventure and pretty good sense of direction. All great traits I believe they your boys will have as well.


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