Sunday, 30 October 2011

Phone Pics: The Week in Summary

This week was half-term break so it was a busy week with the three boys at home as well as the fact Austin had a full-on week with work - something to do with a Britney Spears tour... 
So I was playing solo-mum for most of the week.
I would really love to say that I love the school holidays...but that would be lying. 
The thought of school holidays and looking after the 3 boys all by myself without Austin around to help actually fills me with dread...

But I did it. We all survived the week without too many tears from the boys and the Mamma.
And it was raining so we had mostly 'inside' days. But that's ok because we did lots of drawing, reading, baking, building with blocks, racing cars and only a very small amount of DVD watching. Yuss!
In amongst all that we even had a Baby Milestone.

Max, the wee rascal, is still waking 30 billion times during the night for a feed which also makes the other boys restless in their sleep, so unfortunately sleep-deprivation still reigns supreme in our household.
Which also means tantrums from a certain four year old are more frequent and severe than normal, and so of course when we ventured outside they also became very public.

But with a determined objective each morning to enjoy the day and with the helpful assistance of coffee, chocolate and wine I made it through the week.
And we actually had lots of very wonderful moments together.

Luca's back to school tomorrow and although it will be nice to get back into our normal routine and go for a run again with the two little people, we'll miss having Luca share our day with us.



  1. Love love love!!!! Your photos capture life so beautifully - we LOVE them xx!

  2. I remember similar instances of the "stand off" pic with my second as a four year old. We'd go out for a bike ride, he'd end up screaming the street down and Id have to carry the bike home.Not fun.
    Poor you with the sleep deprivation! Suck!
    What does papa do? Is he a muso?

  3. awesome pics!!
    well done surviving the hols xoxo

  4. Seriously, how cute is that dino costume?! Adorable!

  5. The dino costume is too cute!! Beautiful pics - you are an amazing Mum!

  6. You did it, well done!! Always love your amazing photos!!

  7. Oh Mrs we love you and your gang treeeemendously. Pleased to see the boys frolicking in their animal gears... have a girl there's a lovely ladybug one too.
    Wish we could be closer so I could get some pointers from you. much love us

  8. Helen you stole my line! I love the dino costume and even had to show the kids I love it that much. I seriously am going to make it my mission to find Squeak one! Max is getting so big. Where does the time go? And sitting even. Go Max!

  9. haha i love luca peeing on the gravestone!! haha love!

  10. Love this post XXX You hold nothing back and thats whats makes your posts so wonderful to read. Big hugs to special boys and their special Mamma xxx

  11. Ha, I love Dad's comment.
    And the dog peeing, and reading.
    And the tubby dino with the cute profile.
    And the cheeky chunkster sitting.
    And the aunty love (awwww).
    And the proud as punch cupcake makers.

  12. squeal!! i LOVE happy thighs. how cute. i love seeing your everyday photos. boys can be a lot of work. my little girl is so different to what my older son was at her age. sometimes you wouldn't even know she is in the house. and the stand off...i have had my fair share of them. looks like you have been having lots of busy fun and i agree, it is nice to get the normal days flowing again. i don't feel so alone now when you mention chocolate, coffee and wine have helped :) xo.


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