Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree, how teeny-tiny-but-oh-so-very-cute you aaaa-rrrrrrre!

I've only got a few minutes before the boys wake from their nap and there's still that massive pile of unfolded laundry that just won't shut-up so I'll just be quick and share our delightful wee Christmas tree with y'all.

We got it the first weekend of December, decorated it that same evening and the Christmas tree lights have been glowing ever since.

She's cute huh? {yes, the tree's a 'she' this year...}
Isn't there something so magical about Christmas Trees? I really dig them.
What I also dig is finding a bunch of vintage Christmas Tree bulbs down at our local thrift store - five for 50p.

They are now very happily hanging on our dear wee tree.
{Although one of them already has a Beni's teeth-shaped dent in it's side...}

And how about these little wooden rocking-horse ones? CUTE!

The wreath is on the door, Christmas Tree is up, Christmas carols are on repeat, Children are still sleeping... la vita e bella!

Now to tackle that washing pile.
...after my fourth cup of coffee today.
...and maybe a large handful of cookies carrot...
...oh what the heck, it's CHRISTMAS! Handful of cookies here I come!

Have you got your Christmas Tree up yet? 
Do you change your colour-scheme each year? Is it a bit OTT that I do?? (this year we are having a red/white/silver theme). 
What's your favourite Christmas Album? Mine is Sarah McLachlan's 'Wintersong'. Hauntingly beautiful.
Leave a comment below and let me know! X


  1. .... uh... why would Beni BITE the light? Strange (but ever-so-cute) little boy. Perhaps I shall give him a glow-worm for Christmas.

    Red-white-silver - I think I can work with this Christmas-day-outfit-wise... Otherwise I'll just dress as an elf.

    Love the bulbs. Love the tree. I shall sing a pretty [annoying] song to her on Saturday. Let's call her Barbara (no, Barbara Bush, that's too annoyingly good). Carol? Twee? Maybe Beni and Luca can name her. I shall sing to her even if she's nameless. And maybe dance around her Danish-style.

    Getting preeeetty EXCITED!!!! xxx

    (oh, and I've just been given an expensive bottle of port that I shall bring with me for the festivities - one of the perks of working with posh old men - this particular gentleman has eyebrows like the Wizard of Oz. I can't help staring at them)

    Oh, I'll shush now. Love you xx

  2. Love love love the tree and the ornaments are just beautiful - vintage ornaments - what a find!!! We haven't a theme just the ornaments we got when our wee grandaughters were with us for Christmas last year. I love getting up during the night and having a peek at the tree with its lights glowing happily xxx

  3. i am in love with your little tree and those thrifted baubles are gorgeous. the detail and colour on them has caught my eye. christmas wishes to you all. xo.

  4. Those snowy scene baubles are just delightful! I'm sure they'l become family treasures with the boys fighting over who gets to put them up.

    As we are going to Queensland for two weeks over Christmas and I have to put put all the decorations away on the 23rd before we fly out, I haven't put up our tree this year. But I have wonderful illuminated decorations that give our living room a festive hue. We keep the same theme year to year - Red, green and gold.

    Fave Christmas Album - Shawn Colvin's Holiday Songs and Lullabies. Kevin's family always text him the first time they hear Chris Rea's Driving Home for Christmas. And I thrash Live Aid's "Do they know it's Christmas Time" and Wham's "Last Christmas".

    Tell us Brigitte, although the Northern Hemisphere Christmasses are dark, cosy and festive, do you miss the Southern Hemisphere Christmasses? Especially now you have kids? I always enjoyed Christmas Day in the UK, but Boxing Day onwards (especially NYE) felt all wrong in Winter :-)

  5. Your tree is so so cute!!! We don't have a theme, it's just a big colourful mess :) I don't have a favourite Christmas album but I have been listening to 'a very she & him Christmas' a lot this week xo

  6. Loving the christmas tree!! Christmas is so much more christmas in the Northern Hemisphere though. I'm struggling to feel Christmassy when in shorts and a t-shirt (although this is how I was brought up... go figure!!). Makes so much more sense when it is cold and you are all snuggled up in front of fire (missing London a lot at the minute!!)

    We're doing a little bit of Michael Buble for Christmas this year... a little jazzy. But for me it has to be old school christmas carols... attended christmas service at our church on Saturday and as we all sung 'Silent Night' I finally felt that Christmas was here. Such a nice night out!!

    Loving your wee tree... loving the OTT christmas themes... isn't that what everyone does??!!??

    Merry Christmas to your lovely adorable precious family.... xxxx

    (Mark says 'hey'!!)

  7. Wow I love those vintage decorations they are amazing! Good spot by you!


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