Friday, 30 December 2011


Sickness reigns in our household.
Sucky sickness. Sucks. Big Time.
Poor Beni got the measles (the German kind) on Christmas Eve. Well, he got the rash but had the sickness prior to the rash for a few days beforehand. Poor sick little guy.
I've currently got the flu - as of Christmas Eve also.
Austin's got some nasty freaky virus that leaves him sweating and 1 million degrees at night.
And everyone has snot.
Needless to say hankies for Christmas would have been an ideal gift...
And with sickness comes grizzlyness, children and parents alike. Not only because we are all feeling like shite but because it's wet and cold outside so we are all crawling up the walls and stomping on each other's nerves. Awesome.
But thanks to Lightning McQueen and his best buddy Mater the boys have been entertained when it all gets a bit much.
And I've been crocheting some slippers for Beni-Boo whose feet seem to have grown two sizes in two months...! Ok, maybe just one size in two months.
So yeah, just calling in briefly to give an update and to say how much of a non-event our New Years Eve is going to be this year. Sensible, at home, in bed early, yet necessary.
We have started watching the TV series 'Dexter' and knew from the first episode that we would become addicted. And we are.
So now I'm off to bed to crochet, watch some Dexter with my sweaty man and have some Christmas cake with a large mug of coffee.
Sounds like the perfect night-in to me! (apart from the sweaty part...)



  1. Oh you poor sick things. Just hold in there and do whatever it takes to survive. Soon things will be better. Dexter is awesome!

  2. aw...that does sound sucky :(
    Sending some blog love and a whole lot of empathy your way!

  3. I hope you all get better soon! James has had a bug for 4 days and Nate has nice green slugs running down to his top lip if I'm not quick enough to wipe them (with the tissue and chasing him cos he runs as soon as he sees the tissue!) and it's been wet and rainy here (it would appear summer has gone on holiday) so I am so with you on the climbing the walls. Also with you on Dexter - LOVE it! xox

  4. I hope everyone is feeling well soon! Sickness sucks! I ended the old year and started the new one with a migraine. Zayn still has Bronchiolitis, but these aren't so bad after I red your blog post. Feel better Brigitte and family! xx


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