Friday, 23 December 2011

The week in phone pics

Just dropping by very quickly to put up some photos of the week just been.
We have family here now! Austin's brother Todd and his girlfriend Becky who live in Berlin arrived on Wednesday - let the Christmas Festivities begin!
As of Wednesday Austin is now off work until 9th January - HOORAH!!
Yesterday we booked flights to Denmark to visit our wonderful "Crazy Viking Friends" during the first weekend of January to celebrate our 10 Year Wedding Anniversary! Sooooo looking forward to this! Unfortunately we couldn't afford a weekend away together staying in a fancy hotel but amazingly found £10 flights each way to Denmark - WHOOP! Very excited to see our special friends and be in beautiful Denmark again.

The boys are sporting their new winter jackets sent from Mormor & Scrumpy (my mum and dad), just perfect and so needed for the chilly winter days ahead.

On Sunday after church we paid a visit to Covent Garden to soak up the Christmas atmosphere and check out the ginormous Christmas Tree.

Each of the boys have had a turn at being sick with a bad cold this week. Temperatures, rashes on their bodies, obviously fighting off some virus, poor wee dudes. Lots of snot and tears, but also lots of sleeping!

 New Zealand Native wood Christmas Tree decorations.

Our Christmas groceries have been delivered (I love internet grocery shopping & delivery!), Christmas baking is underway, presents nearly finished (!!), family is here, plenty of wine is ready to be mulled, all is well.

Fa la la la laaaaaa la laa laa laaaaaaaaa!



  1. Cute! I like your boys'names for your parents...Mormor and Scrumpy, right? I thought in an earlier post it was the label of the jackets :) My parents are known as 'Superma' and 'Megapop' :) Thanks for your note! Hope you have a wonderful, healthy Christmas with family! Hi to Austin, too! xx

  2. your festive pics :-) Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family xx

  3. I love those native wood decorations! Where can I get some?
    Merry christmas to you and yours!
    And have a great holiday away!

  4. Christmas in London is truly magical. Except for getting sick. That sucks :-(

    Gretchen looks amazing in these photos, like a character from Downton Abbey. (She also looks a lot like Judi in the photo below the reindeer. But sshhhssh, don't tel her that. )


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