Saturday, 11 February 2012

Loving + Favourites

It's been a while since I listed my favourite things for the week so it's nice to be back!

We had our second snowfall of the season overnight last night and we woke up to a beautifully white winter wonderland.
Beni braved the elements and actually chose to play in the snow, whereas up until today he would just look at the snow and start crying...

It's this dear wee nappy-clad bottom in these Tighty-Tiger-Stripey trousers that I find so darn CUTE! They really are a bit on the small side now, but I just can't resist.

With our move to Italy rapidly approaching I've been very much inspired and determined to grasp the language more than I ever have before. I think I just needed a 'real' reason to learn it properly rather than just speaking a 'vacation' version of the language. And funnily enough, it's all finally making sense and is actually sticking in my mind - WHOOP!

They said it would be 2-3 weeks before we would get our renewed New Zealand passports back, but they arrived by post after just 7 days! Loving the good ol' NZ efficiency! All we need now is Max's British passport to arrive, Luca and Beni's British Citizenship Certificates to be delivered, and the small sum of £1,200 for Austin and I to get our British Citizenship and then we're sorted!.......

We are SUPER-DUPER EXCITED to have my mum and dad (Mormor and Scrumpy) coming over to visit us for five whole weeks during May! Look how cute they are. Just celebrated their 40th Wedding Anniversary and still very much in love. Awesome and incredibly inspiring!

These two are becoming fast friends. They spend the majority of the day chasing each other on their hands and knees (Beni gets down and crawls for Max's benefit) and giggling at each other. My heart *pops* whenever I hear them laughing together. If only it didn't always end in tears...

Max has taken a liking to the keyboard and spends any spare moment banging on the keys and singing hallelujahs. He's a funny boy - a born performer I'm thinking!

Have yourselves a Happy Weekend!


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  1. Love your updates! Glad to hear the italian language is coming along well. I am super envious of you living in Italy!

  2. Love the snow pictures. And the tigger pajamas? Adorable.

    I studied Italian for 3 years in college. Love that language. I can now order very well at an Italian restaurant.

    Thanks for linking your favorites. :)

  3. Ah, love, family and good times are here in abundance! LOVE Max and Beni together (I spied Beni gently stroking Max's hair for quite a while today when no one was looking, sweetheart) LOVE mum and dad (YAY). LOVE Italian goodness. LOVE Winnie (waaaah). LOVE the tiger low-riders. LOVE YOU.

  4. Um, I don't know a lot of Italian... my cousin married an Italian man, Gerardo! They live in California, I hardly see them (too bad!) Seeing photos of your wee cute guys makes me almost want to have another baby! Zayn does need a sibling soon, but I'm still so very tired from last year. I make Z wear some things that are too short in the house (because certain outfits are sooo cute!) xx


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