Friday, 24 February 2012

What's Been Goin' On?

The week has been preoccupied with getting our things in order, ready to either be put in storage or come to Italy with us {they are the lucky ones. The chosen ones}.
The only glitch in this plan is that I have a two year old who knows when my back is turned and promptly uses this window of opportunity to get up to mischief.
Freshly baked banana cake.
Yes that's permanent marker.

It's all rather exciting/weird/crazy/surreal/scary labelling boxes with Italy as their destination.

We're getting excited and a little impatient to be there now. Luca packed his box for Italy. First in went all his cars (priorities), then his train set, then books, a torch, his watch, colouring pencils.
He asks me at least 5 times each day if we are going to Italy now.

Max's passport arrived this week - first member of our family to own a British passport - WHOOP!
Isn't it lovely? Luca and Beni's citizenship applications are currently being processed after paying 900 quid... and Austin and I are doing ours at the beginning of March, once we've rustled up another small fortune for the privilege... It'll be well worth is though, finally getting all this sorted. I'm not enjoying all the paperwork though....!
 But Max is feeling rather chuffed about his Britishness though. Cute wee guy.

I've been enjoying the increasingly fun interaction that is developing between the brothers. Especially between Beni and Max during the day when Luca is at school. I often hear them giggling away in another room. Very very cute.

I really wish we'd got this keyboard for the boys earlier. They spend a lot of their day playing it and singing into the microphone.
Max is proving to be a bit of a rock star - in all his nine month glory. He bangs those keys with a fair bit of attitude. Shows them who's boss.
Beni often serenades me with an impromptu song. Melts my heart every time.

Oh yeah, and I changed my hair colour.
Rock and Roll Red.
Something like that.


Happy Weekend to you all!

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  1. Darling, darling Beni. I remember when you were young, like Beni, you often wore a wee secret smile and it was because you had either just gotten into mischief or were thinking about doing so. Love you my darling daughter xxxxx.

  2. my kids into drawing on the carpet and walls and stuff. Thankfully nothing permanent so far. My last kid has to be the first one to do these sorts of things.
    And oh yeah...definitely rocking the rock chick look.

  3. You are so rocking that hair!! My baby was a drawer on everything but paper. There always seems to be at least one in each family!!

  4. Love that permanent marker! It's very artistic! And your hair color is GORGEOUS!

  5. Hahahahaha. Love the monkey 2 year old!! And the HAIR! you are too cool!


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