Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Changing it up

Last week I found grey hairs.
They made me angry.
I decided to teach them a lesson.
Now they are bright red.
Their greyness has been silenced.
For now.
I am no longer angry.



  1. haha! way to go...that'll teach them :) and that must push you way up in the cool mama stakes too, i reckon!

  2. Keeping up with Max.

    Love it. Makes the ol' blues POP! (not that they're old...)
    Now, what I don't understand is that you are FOUR years older than me and have ONLY just discovered greys. I, however, discovered them after arriving in London - AND I WAS 22. Unfair. I remember mum freaking out at about 40 when she discovered a grey. Sheesh. I lucked out on those genes. But thankfully I have the scandi genes = BLONDIE.

    Does that now make YOU the wee ginge?

  3. I am loving the new hair colour! Good on you for teaching them a lesson, I hope they have learnt!! xxx

  4. LOVE it! Out with Grey - in with RED!! xx

  5. Hot Mamma. And it will make Max feel like he is supported in the redhead stakes as well.

    Gretchie there is only one Wee Ginge and you know who that is.

    Actually, make that two Wee Ginges now that Dad and Mum have their bright orange rowboat.

    1. Max LOVES 'row row row your boat'. LOVES.
      Gingers stick together.


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