Sunday, 5 August 2012

The Return


We are back. In the land flowing with wine & cheese, coffee & pastries, delicious fruits, veggies and nutella.
We have been enjoying all of the above as well as being back on the roof terrace for swims and fun times together.
I'm loving having my husband here.
I'm loving watching my boys enjoying being back.
I'm particularly enjoying the way Beni and Max's hair goes crazy curly in this heat.
I'm looking forward to having many a play-session/swim/meal under our new gazebo.

It's good to be back in bella Italia.


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  1. So pleased you have a gazebo - it looks wonderful and gives you an extra 'room' - an outside room! It's so lovely seeing Austin able to relax after his busy schedule and I hope he is energised with family time before he has to return to the work force. Love Beni and Max's curls - and love seeing the boys so enjoy the water. Enjoy your precious family time xxxxx.

  2. beautiful photos. looks relaxing out there

  3. GAZEBO!!!!!!!!!!! (although, I liked our sail)
    It's WRONG I'm not there.
    But happy you're all happy to be back.
    I hope you're ensuring tht the boys get drenched in the water fights in my absence.
    Yay, Manoppello, we love you. Missing y'all. Hurry up September.

    Love you xxx

  4. GAZEBO, as in AMAZING (in case you misinterpreted and thought I was saying our sail was cooler). The gazebo won't fly away, always good.

    1. Yes it's tied down firmly! And our lovely neighbour said it was bello! (phew cos I was hoping it wasn't going to interrupt her view.... she basically told me that was ridiculous to even think that!) We like her :))
      And yes, it is wrong that you're not here. Just saying. X

  5. Those curls are amazing.
    And yay for more of Italy
    yum yum yum


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