Monday, 8 October 2012

Monsieur Bidet, Je t'aime

He's super-cute. Yes indeed.
With an incredibly funny personality.
My fun-loving, sensitive, affectionate, strong little boy.

...who just doesn't seem to 'get' toilet-training.

I have a list of serious questions for God when I get to heaven - and poos and potty training is right up there with the best of them!

Maybe it's because I currently can't pretend to be busy doing something else and leave Austin to clean it up... but it feels like a much longer and messier process this time around compared to when Luca was toilet-training.

Because there's only me as the responsible adult therefore I must be the one to deal with the situation.
Not happy about that.

I really really really hate dealing with poos.

But I must say I am very grateful for the use of a bidet during toilet training. Especially when it is a particularly messy situation.... which is most of the time.

I have been saving on wipes and toilet paper thanks to my new pal and love Monsieur Bidet.

I know we'll get there with Beni-Boo but it's just a very painful process at the moment.
But day by day, and with the bribery reward of a lolly we are slowly making progress.
And when his aim is true he's so proud of himself and there's a big round of high-fives for everyone.

So during this toilet-training experience Monsieur Bidet has been my saviour and has (mostly) prevented this mamma from dry-wretching during the clean-up process.

Monsieur Bidet, Je t'aime.


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  1. Maybe Aunty T should write a song about monsieur bidet.
    (No, please don't Tyra...)
    (.....dammit, now she's going to...)

    Love you Beni Boo.

    Oh, and you have visitors arriving tonight who you can tag in! (maybe, if they're brave)


  2. Aha, indeed! A song about Monsieur Bidet! I am inspired! Watch this space.

    I love you Beni Boo. You'll get there, i have no doubt about that. And theres nothing wrong with an 'incentive' as a reward when they get it right Geets, in our house (for miss 3 yr old) they are called wine gums. Usually yellow for wees and green for poos (her choice not mine) ... but watch that too, they can be tricksy even at such a tender age, on occasion a yellow has been issued on her genuine insistence that there has been wees, and when we have checked later ... nothing. Ghost wees.

  3. You will certainly get there. And if there is any consolation Harrison is exactly the same. He poos takes off his nappy and then its just me trying to clean up the mess!!! Mostly all around the section. Completely different to Campbell who just toilet trained himself. So you are not alone. And all this happens while Tim is at work. Still I am grateful for the help at night. Plus we add in the hitting at the supermarket, not getting in the car seat, massive tantrums picking up brother at school just to name a few. I feel some of your pain. However I really take my hat off because you are on your own and have three boys (heaven help you B). I think of you often, you rock~!!! Keep up the good work. Heaps and heaps of love kat Ps just as well they are cute at times!! xxxx

  4. Oh I hear u loud and clear - I'm in the midst of training mr Eli and I hate toilet training with a passion! He did a pop on top of the kids picnic table the other day! Then two days ago was in the pool - did a poo on his way out and I picked him up to take him to the toilet out plopped the pop on the lounge floor along the way! Bahahaha! Ahhhhh give me strength! Love to u! Chris x

  5. It seems to have replaced poo with pop** ha! X


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