Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Today (Oggi).

 I am:

- frantically knitting scarves and mittens during Max's naptimes in the endeavour to keep my children warm this winter.

- watching re-runs of Downton Abby while I frantically knit.

- enjoying spending time with and cuddling my Maxi who is rocking a particularly retro look today.

- constantly putting logs on the fire to keep it roaring so this concrete and tile house of ours stays warm-ish.

- making pizza for dinner tonight. Quick and Easy. And the oven helps to heat the house.

- wondering if I need to look into the possibility of Beni being lactose intollerant. He pooes way too much and messily than I am sure is normal and necessary.

- blowing my nose every 5-7 minutes.

- going to cut Luca's fingernails when he gets home because Max and Beni are both sporting a fresh scratch to the face this morning...

- folding that mountain of washing that has been sitting on the couch for the past week.

- drinking way too much coffee.

- missing my husband.

- willing the 17th of November to arrive speedily because that's when I'll see my husband again.

- so very grateful to my husband for working so hard to keep us clothed, fed and comfortable in Italy.

- praying we'll find a house to move into in London soon so:
a) we can all be together again;
b) I can go to sleep at night with my husband beside me;
c) I can wake up in the morning with my husband still beside me. Or if he's not beside me it's because he's giving the boys breakfast and bringing me coffee in bed...



  1. MAX: George & Mildred
    BENI: Oh dear. Might be though... Soya gelato, yaaaay....
    LUCA: Oven mitts
    YOU: MISS YOU. Hurry back to London please xxx

  2. Sounds hectic and I'm sure the boys are keeping you super busy. Max looks adorable in his retro vest. Hope you are all back together soon in a nice house in London.

  3. Praying for this for you too xx


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