Monday, 21 January 2013

A weekend in the snow

Snow came good and proper this weekend.
Starting on Friday and continuing throughout the weekend.
This would have been fine if we were planning to stay put for the next few days, but we had plans to go away for the weekend with our church so the snow became a bit of an inconvenience... though incredibly beautiful.

But although the snow prevailed and set-in for the weekend, two coach-loads of people were able to depart London on Friday evening for an 80 mile drive north.

Our boys were only just on the verge of better after their week of the flu, but it seems getting them out of the house on a big adventure with fun people was the best medicine for them.
And for me.

I love church camps.
Maybe it's because of the great childhood memories I have from Family Camps with my church growing up, but it's always a fun environment. Great for meeting new people and establishing new friendships.
And this weekend didn't disappoint.

Guest speakers were Pastors Sam and Kathy Monk from Equippers Church in Auckland, New Zealand  whose three beautiful (and I mean really gorgeous) daughters also travelled with them.
They are pastors of a massive church in Auckland but I don't think you could meet a couple more relaxed and easy to talk to and have a laugh with than these two. Quality people. Incredibly top quality.

There was not a lot of sleeping, but plenty of coffee.
There was a lot of hearty camp food, but plenty of exercise (in the form of bouncy castles, dodgeball, football and other team games).
I came away bearing some quite spectacular bruises and carpet burns. Always a sign of a good time.

And the conference sessions? Life changing.
Just what I needed after 9 months away in Italy with no church. But that whole time with God so close beside me - looking after, protecting, keeping our family.

Because of the continued snowfall throughout the weekend the coaches were unable to navigate the road up to the camp venue to collect us. So a fifteen minute trek through the calf-deep snow was required in order to get us all on the coaches back to London. A bit of an adventure!

I have come away from the weekend feeling overwhelmed by God's goodness. Feeling so incredibly blessed to be alive, feeling deeply thankful for my family, friends, church and our lovely warm house in London.


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  1. snow!
    Glad your spiritual love tank is full to over flowing. They way its meant to be :)


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