Wednesday, 5 June 2013

It's Summertime! (finally)

Shall I apologise again for the large gaps between posts at the moment...? Sorry.
I'm finding it a bit difficult getting the time to sit down and sort, edit and upload photos. Let alone write something!...

Yeah life is busy. And tiring. A bit crazy. Okay, a LOT crazy (I think it will always be a bit craycray with three young boys...). But it's a good life.

The sun is shining!
The birds are singing!
The boys are sleeping (AWESOME!)
I'm blogging (can I hear an AMEN?)

So yeah the sun is shining and it is SO VERY welcome! Last week was the school holidays and of course it rained for 4 out of 5 days.
And it even snowed in Scotland. In the summertime.
Bet they were loving that!.... not really.

With the sunny warm weather comes my desire to wear my running gear and get out there!
Which is a good thing seeing as my sister and I are running the Lochness Marathon in a few short months...
Flights are booked.
Hotel is booked (my sister gets to share a double bed with me - lucky her!... Although she begs to differ...
A Day Tour around the Highlands (which includes visiting a Whiskey Distillery) is booked.
We are flying up to Inverness on the Thursday before the Sunday race day so we can take in the sights. It would be silly not to!
I know our Scottish blood will be tingling and high-fiving itself for being back on Scottish soil - especially when some of that Scottish whiskey hits the blood stream - WHOOP!

And the day after the marathon our bonnie wee family is in for a real treat because Granny & Pop (Austin's m&d) are flying into London from New Zealand to stay with us for FIVE WHOLE WEEKS!
We are so excited to see them and to have family staying with us. Such a treat!

I aim to be back with another post in the next day or so because I've got a rather lengthy backlog of photos and stories that must be shared with y'all. (but don't hate me if I'm not...)

Hope you are having a great week!

B x


  1. just a thought - whiskey tasting before the marathon... how wise is this? or will this be on the Friday...

  2. I was thinking exactly the same thing as Gretchen! Best not to be tasting the Whiskey too much. On other hand maybe do maybe it will help, especially if your Scottish blood will be tingling and high-fiving itself! Looking forward to more blogs!

  3. Your awesome to even write. I bet things are busy. They are going to get busier for us in 10 weeks time. We have had flooding in our house, so concrete gaps between the carpet pieces. Not great for wrestling boys. Still blessed to have our own house. I hope you get to enjoy that summer. Hope the run goes well. I cannot wait to get my body back. Enjoy having family, it is such a treat, even in NZ. Tim's folks are moving up to Nelson, it will be weird but amazing having family around. ya get used to doing things on your own, however having some family support will be amazing. Well I have never figured out how to put these posts under me. Take care and lots and lots of love to you!!! You rock with Three boys!!!!!!!xxxxxLove Kat Madill

  4. Oh so jealous...the opposite here. I hate winter...and Im in the north island! I wish I lived somewhere where it is always summer!
    How fun getting to go to Scotland?! Will you be having some haggis?


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