Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Transition into Big-Boyhood

Beni loves his dummy (soother/pacifier - depending on which continent you're on)
Beni loves Superman.
Beni thinks he's Superman.

Last weekend a major milestone in Beni's lifetime happened: he said goodbye to his dummy.

When offered the opportunity for his dummy to be replaced with a really cool Superman outfit, there was only a moment's hesitation before he ran to the rubbish bin, put his dummy in and waved goodbye.

And oh there was JOY!
And posing. Lots of posing.

I'm not going to get into why it's taken so long for Beni to not have his dummy anymore.
He's a totally different personality to Luca - who easily said goodbye to his dummy in favour of a new truck from the 'Dummy Fairy' and never looked back.

But now it's done. And I'm not going to lie - it was traumatic.

There was very little sleep on that first night.
Thankfully coffee is a dear friend of ours and the next night was 76 times better... so not heaps better but at least he didn't SOB himself to sleep while I cuddled him.
I was quite traumatised by this as well. Let's not forget my feelings here?...

And then the next night? Well, not even a peep from the dear wee boy. He actually happily went to sleep without his dummy.

Superman. You is AWESOME!



  1. It's a big thing for these little people! Our girls just said goodbye to their 'lolettes' this past weekend too...not without many tears particularly from one of them. She said to me again at bedtime lastnight "Amie Leesie little bit sad lolo gone away" :( Glad Superman has helped make your little guy's transition easier :) xx

  2. Awwww Beni Boo!! What a big step towards big-boyhood! I'm so proud of you!! And Superman is AWESOME!!! xxx

  3. Go Beni - wow I love that last shot - so cool!


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