Tuesday, 23 July 2013

A bit of Crochet Excitement...

I've finished a blanket I started nearly two years ago!!
Now that's what I call Crochet Excitement.

And she's a wee beauty.
Well, not very 'wee' actually - it's the size of a double bed.

There's always a possibility when I take so long to make something that my tastes would change in that time.... (they are ever evolving...), but not in this instance.
I have Blanket Love.

In this crazy (but wonderful!) heatwave we are experiencing I can't think of anything worse than having my knees warmed under a woollen blanket, but come the long cold days of the northern hemisphere winter this not-so-wee beauty will be given much love and appreciation. (And no doubt have porridge/sandwich/spaghetti/hot chocolate faces and hands rubbed into the lovingly crafted stitches....*sigh*)

I still have to tie in all the loose threads on the underside - which will probably take me another two years, but hey - am I bovered? Nope.

I do love this feeling of achievement upon completion of a project. It's quite addictive...



  1. I would just like to live next door to you... please! We miss your gang very much. All our love and crochet envy (Pango would look dashing with that covering his bare tootsies)
    xxxxxoooooo Fowler Three

  2. Love love love. I remember helping you decide how the squares might be placed when we were in Manopello. Miss you all so much xxxxx


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