Thursday, 12 September 2013

Back into the swing of things

The holidays are over and it's back-to-school routines and timeframes.

I always enjoy getting routine back in my life again - although getting out of bed in the morning is still a constant struggle...
I used to be so good at it when I was juggling being a working mother - waking just after 5am to be out of the house just after 6am with a toddler bundled up in the pushchair.
I guess it just had to be done and there was no other option at that stage.

But now that I'm a stay-at-home-mamma I must say I do enjoy my cup of coffee brought to me in bed in the mornings by my husband. Gosh darn he's amazing!

It's been over three years and counting since I last had unbroken sleep. And it's this as well as the fact I'm training for a marathon that I seem to be in a constant state of sleep-deprivation.
Not cool man, not cool.

And hand-in-hand with sleep-deprivation is lack of motivation.... Meh.

But it's a good thing we've got exciting times ahead with Granny & Pop (Austin's parents) who are coming to stay at the end of September - WHOOP! It's nice of them to arrive the day after I've run the marathon because I won't be moving anywhere very fast, let alone chasing energetic boys around the house and playground. Hope you're feeling fit Granny & Pop!   *insert evil laugh*

Yesterday after school I had a meltdown from a 6 year old on my hands.
And I'm talking a complete meltdown of said six year old's nuclear reactor core. 
All because I said he couldn't have an icecream. 
Mean I know...
Of course it was in the middle of the street where every adult and child from school was walking past.
Of course they all looked at Luca like he was the naughtiest boy ever.
Of course they all looked at me like I was the meanest mother ever.
Just awesome.
Fortunately I was very aware he was super tired after his big day at school. And I wasn't going to waste my breath trying to explain this to our captive audience.
Needless to say lots of cuddles and kisses and understanding was administered once we were home. Although I really did want to admonish him for his behaviour, that wasn't the answer in this situation. And we both felt better after we'd had our wee chat.

I wish this was my reaction every time a meltdown from one of my boys occurs, but unfortunately it's not. I'm a work in progress (aren't we all?) and still learning on this parenting journey. 
Not quite sure if I'll ever get my head around it!...

But as for right now, I'm trying to motivate myself to get off the couch after just eating some chocolate (for energy of course...) and go for a 7 mile run.
My sister and I are doing a 21 mile run along the canal starting in Bath on Saturday and the thought of that makes me want to eat lots of chocolate and cake and/or then vomit. (no, not eat vomit if that's what you were thinking... ewwww that would just be gross! Let me clarify - the thought of running 21 miles makes me want to vomit. Ok? Good we cleared that up).
It's our last 'long' run before the marathon (26.2 miles) which is now only 2 weeks away....!

Ok, I'm procrastinating - 7 miles here I come.

And then chocolate and cake (for recovery of course...)


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  1. You're an awesome mum. I love following your adventures and your writing is great entertainment in those unearthly feeding hours! All the best for the marathon and the last bit of training beforehand...enjoy that chocolate as a worthy vomit-less form!


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