Tuesday, 10 September 2013


This curly little redhead is a funny wee boy.

Look at that face. Just look at it!
And cheekiness.

I think the crazy curls give away his fun side.
You can't be boring with hair like that.
I don't ever want to cut it. But I have had to cut out a few dread-locks from the back.
And the amount of conditioning spray we go through to keep his locks tamed is getting rather ridiculous...

Like his hair he can be on the fiery side (Rosso Furioso)... but the rest of the time he is super-duper sweet and so very affectionate.
He loves the language of touch and will often sit with me and stroke my arm or put his arms around my neck for a cuddle and stroke the back of my neck.
(Yes this makes me weak at the knees)...

I love watching him stick up for himself and hold his own with his brothers.
He joins in their play confidently and imaginatively. They are hilarious playing together actually. A lot of pretend crying and asking for their Mamma... should I be concerned?

We are so pleased and blessed this dear little red-haired parcel was given to us.
He makes our family even more colourful!


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