Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Living with a Superhero

You may not have been aware but we have Superheroes living in our household.

There is Spiderman, Superman (numerous), Batman, the Incredible Hulk - but the one who really seems to have taken over one of our little boys is that of Captain America.

Apparently there are moments even Captain America needs to pick his nose...

...and go to the toilet.

Dear little Beni-Boo is completely captivated by Captain America. He watched the movie with wide eyes of awe and, whilst seeing me get dressed one morning, declared: 
"Look Mamma! You've got boobies just like Captain America!"....

I'm pretty sure that was a compliment for me because, let's admit it, Captain America's pecks are rather impressive... *wipes drool from corners of her mouth*

I think I'm convinced Beni is the one to watch when it comes to all things theatrical.
He. Is. Hilarious.
Without even meaning to be.
Just a funny boy who loves life and thinks everywhere is a stage...

Maybe he's preparing himself years in advance for the inevitable remake of the Captain America movie.
I'm fine with that.
Especially if he buys us a Ferrari from the earnings of his blockbuster movie.

Yep - the future looks bright for this little chap (and his Ferrari-driving parents).



  1. Oh he looks like such a character!!! I LOOOVE how Captain America picks his nose!!! xxx


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